Adopted by one direction

So this book is about two girls 10 and 12 they live in an orphanage in Phoenix, AZ then get adopted by one direction read to find out more������


1. 1

~Jessica's POV~

"Jessica, Sammy come eat lunch!"we heard Miss.Kim yell up to us. When you first meat her she seems nice, but in reality she's only nice to the younger kids who actually have a chance at adopted. She tells us it's because they're still young. She wants them to see what it is like to be loved. But being the two oldest at the orphanage Sammy and I do get advantages. unlike the others we get, a tv, computers, tablets,iPod touches, and most important privacy.

Sammy and I have been here for almost 2 years now we came when she was 10 and I was 9. Both our parents died in an accident and no one else could take care of us. she had just turned 12 five days ago. I will turn 11 in two months. We are really close sisters.

When we got down stairs Miss.Kim was helping one of the other younger kids as she scolded Sammy and I for being late. she made us help with the younger kids which isn't that bad because they love us. We had what we always have for lunch grilled cheese the only time we get something different is when it's a holiday or someone's birthday. After lunch Miss.Kim made Sammy and I do the dishes for being late. Which also isn't different because we are always late and we always have to do the dishes.

Once we were done we went back up to our room. When we got there I got on the computer and Sammy got on the tablet. We were both obsessed with the band One Direction we have all three of their albums and are waiting for their fourth one Four to come out Miss.Kim doesn't mind getting them for us that's the only good thing about her. I immanently put on YouTube and played the mix track with majority of their songs. Then went to sit on my bed and got my tablet and went on trivia crack.

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