Another Day?

// Life always gets better, no matter what you think. There are life savers out there.\\

A short story that I decided to write as my first Movella. Enjoy!


1. The Only Chapter

A pair of famous best friends decided to tour the United States and Canada, meeting their fans. The two had already finished off the American stops, and they were on the last leg of the Canadian tour. They were headed from Edmonton, Aleberta to a small town in Ontario. As they boarded the plane, they began to plan how the meet would go.

"I guess you could meet her first," The younger one suggested. "You know, since you're her favourite."

"Well what can I say, I'm a chick magnet." The other joked. The two continued to laugh and joke about how the surprise appearance would go for the rest of the plane ride. After the plane landed, there would be a half hour car ride before they arrived at the final house.

During the car ride, the pair decided to try and guess what the fan would look like. By the time the thirty minutes were over, one described the fan as a prissy blonde with an attitude-who would probably scream and faint when she saw them; while the other predicted she would be an over-acheiving red head who was constantly hyper, as if she had ADHD.

Pulling into the driveway, the pair went over the plan one last time.

"Remember, you'll go in first and I'll be filming on your phone behind you. Got it?" Nobody needed reminders, however, because the two confidentley marched up the porch and rapped on the door. A person, whom they assumed to be the mother, answer the door.

"Oh, hello! You must be some of my daughter's friends. Come in, come in. She's upstairs in herbroom, the first room on the left." She chirped, ushering them to the staircase. The boys climbed the stairs, preparing the camera with smiles practically plastered on their faces.

"Surprise!" they cried in unison as they pushed open the door. The fan was not what they had in mind. It was not a prissy blonde or a red head with ADHD; it was a depressed brunette with scars marking her entire body- self harm scars on her arms and legs, scars from abuse marking what they could see on the rest of her body- as well as a gun pointed to her head.

Kian ran to the girl to make an attemp to save her as Connor dropped the phone her was filming on.

"No," Kian whispered, cradling the girl in his arms. "Please no. I promise there is so much to live for."

"He's right." Connor whispered hoarsely, sitting on the other side of the girl. "And I promise we'll be there every day, every step of the way."

"Olivia, you ready?" Connor asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Ready." I replied, linking my arm in Connor's. We stepped up to the chapel doors, waiting for them to open for us. As the doors opened, I saw Kian at the end of the aisle, and even though my parents weren't here for my special day, I still had my life savers.



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