Hunger Games fanfic

The host of this year’s Hunger Games, Effie, is responsible for announcing the tributes from each district.
"Our tributes from district ten are, from the men; Jason Michaels. And our female tribute is" Effie stretched the "is" while getting a lap of paper from the glass jar. "Emily Presley". "From district three... our female tribute is; Allison Sykes and the male is.... Charley Sykes. Are you guys brother and sister? Well congratulations, and may the odds be ever in your favor" "And finally from district one our tributes are the couple Ashton Drey and Sally Simmunds who both volunteered as tributes, without telling each other. Will it be their love or them who dies in the arena?"


6. Rain


Once again Charley and I are alone in the forest. “Charley, can we please take a break?” I ask and look up at him.  “Yeah sure, let’s sit down” he says and smiles at me. We sit down, with our backs against a tree, and look up at the sky. Suddenly the sky is covered in dark skies. We sit in silence, and listen to the falling rain. A feel a drop land on my arm and soon after a burning sensation, that won’t go away. I look down to my arm and see a hole in my suit. As I look at I feel more drops and scream out in pain. I hear Charley do the same and we hug each other. “Allison, no matter what happens, remember that I will always love you” he says as he looks me in the eyes. “You wouldn’t even be here, if it wasn’t for me” I say, as tears stream down my face, “You shouldn’t have volunteered.” “I did it for you, and no matter what you say, I won’t regret it” he says and looks me in the eye. “I love you Charley.” I say, and with that everything turns black.

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