Hunger Games fanfic

The host of this year’s Hunger Games, Effie, is responsible for announcing the tributes from each district.
"Our tributes from district ten are, from the men; Jason Michaels. And our female tribute is" Effie stretched the "is" while getting a lap of paper from the glass jar. "Emily Presley". "From district three... our female tribute is; Allison Sykes and the male is.... Charley Sykes. Are you guys brother and sister? Well congratulations, and may the odds be ever in your favor" "And finally from district one our tributes are the couple Ashton Drey and Sally Simmunds who both volunteered as tributes, without telling each other. Will it be their love or them who dies in the arena?"


5. Playing with life and death


I watch the hologram of the arena from the control room. I can see the fire slowly starting to die out. “What’s next?” I ask my employees. “The next is zone 8 with cold” an employee answers me. “Who are in the zone, and who are heading there?” I ask. “No one is currently in the zone, but all tributes from district one, three and ten are heading there.” Another employee answers and enhances the names and pictures of the tributes, so I can see their positions. They’re all heading towards the middle. 
They all met in the middle. The tributes from district one and three were the first to meet. They had shaken hands and were know talking peacefully to each other, soon interrupted by the tributes from district ten. I can’t hear what they said, but one and three are looking weirdly at each other. They continue talking for a while, before one and three take action. Charley, the male tribute from district three, gets Emily, the girl from district ten, in a headlock. Meanwhile has Ashton pulled his knife from his pocket, and it is now inserted in the male from district ten’s heart. I still can’t hear anything, but from the looks of it, is Emily screaming at the top of her lungs, and tears are rolling down her cheeks. Ashton pulls the knife over and walks towards Emily. The other girls close their eyes and turn their heads. Same goes for Charley, who are still holding Emily in a headlock. Ashton thrusts the knife in her heart, and she goes limp. Charley lets go of her, and run to his sister. They hurry away in one direction, while the tributes from district one goes in another. “Create a path for Charley and Allison” I say and look towards a random employee, “lead them to zone 9”. The employee nod and starts creating the path. I smile to myself. “Let two canons go off, and prepare two for the siblings” I say as I turn around.

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