Hunger Games fanfic

The host of this year’s Hunger Games, Effie, is responsible for announcing the tributes from each district.
"Our tributes from district ten are, from the men; Jason Michaels. And our female tribute is" Effie stretched the "is" while getting a lap of paper from the glass jar. "Emily Presley". "From district three... our female tribute is; Allison Sykes and the male is.... Charley Sykes. Are you guys brother and sister? Well congratulations, and may the odds be ever in your favor" "And finally from district one our tributes are the couple Ashton Drey and Sally Simmunds who both volunteered as tributes, without telling each other. Will it be their love or them who dies in the arena?"


2. Can't see you


BOOM. The sound of the canon scared me and I realise that Charley is way ahead of me. ”Charley!” I yell as I step over yet another fallen tree. “Could you possibly wait up?” I ask and start walking faster, almost running, to keep up with my two year older brother. “Charley Sykes!” I yell, causing him to turn around. “Allison Sykes!” he yell back in a high pitched voice, mocking me. We walk next to each other in silence, after I catch up to him.                                                                
“What is that?” Charley asks after a couple of minutes. I shrug and answer; “it looks like fog, nothing out of the ordinary”. “Lets continue then” he says and smile at me. “Charley we have been walking for thirty minutes, can we take a break?” I ask and spin around to face Charley, only to be greeted with blinding fog.  “Charley?!” I yell out, but no answer.        "Charley? Is that you?" I ask, spinning around for the third time. "Yeah, it is. Where are you?" He asks and continues "Can you just follow my voice?" I walk towards the place where the voice came from. "Can you say something more?" I ask and he continues talking. I let out a short scream, when a hand touches mine. "We can't let go of each other, okay?" He asks and I let out a quiet 'yeah'. "Charley, I'm scared" I say and hold his hand a little tighter. "I know, and that's perfectly normal and okay" he says and removes his hand from mine, before he place his arm over my shoulders. "We will never get out of here, will we?" I ask him and he lets out a sigh. "Both of us won't, and you know that. I will do anything in my power, to make sure you're the one who wins." He says and tightens his grip around me. "You will get out of this hell. Trust me" he says and I sigh. "The only question is if we will be dead or alive" I mumble, low enough for him not to hear.

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