Hunger Games fanfic

The host of this year’s Hunger Games, Effie, is responsible for announcing the tributes from each district.
"Our tributes from district ten are, from the men; Jason Michaels. And our female tribute is" Effie stretched the "is" while getting a lap of paper from the glass jar. "Emily Presley". "From district three... our female tribute is; Allison Sykes and the male is.... Charley Sykes. Are you guys brother and sister? Well congratulations, and may the odds be ever in your favor" "And finally from district one our tributes are the couple Ashton Drey and Sally Simmunds who both volunteered as tributes, without telling each other. Will it be their love or them who dies in the arena?"


4. Baby it's cold outside.


Sally and I have been camping on the beach, safe from the dangers of the forest. We are good here for now, but I can tell that the alliance between the ones from two and the ones from five is closing in on us. I'm convinced that I can take them but Sally wants us to get away from here so we walk back into the forest. A couple of minutes after we walked in we started freezing. "It's cold" Sally says to me. I didn't really want to, because I was freezing as well, but I gave her my jacket.


We had made it out of the fog and are still walking around in the forest.  "This arena is really bad compared to the last ones, there isn't anything besides trees and bushes" I say, as we make our way towards another, big surprise, group of trees. It's been about an hour since the fog disappeared, and we are now walking around trying to find some food. A cold gust of wind blows past us, and I tighten my jacket around me. The cold blows of wind keep coming.


There is an awkward silence between us, maybe I should interrupt it? “Uhm, I think we can go now, I can’t see any fire anymore” I say. We go up from the lake, and we just begin to run. We walk into a path, and hope it will bring us out of the forest. Somehow it gets really cold, and I’m freezing. Jason gives me his jacket, and I think it’s kind of weird, because we used to hate each other, but I wear it anyways. “Can you see it? I think I can see someone in there, I think it’s our opponents." Jason says to me. I turn around, to walk away, but Jason stops me. I look at him as to ask him why. "We"... Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. The faces of the tributes from district two and five rolled over the screen and interrupted Jason. He continued as if nothing happened, but it still affected me as much as the beginning. "We have to meet them at some point anyway." I laugh because I think he's joking, but it doesn't take long before I realize that the look on his face is 100% serious. "Really?" Jason doesn't answer, he just nods at me. I knew it was true, because with those four canons, there was only us and 4 other tributes left. from one and three. We start walking towards them, personally, I walk with unsure steps.

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