Thats Not How it Happened

It seems like it was my answer for everything now. It feel like I was defending our relationship with those words. It was an excuse to make it seem like our relationship together was worth living through.

"That's Not How it Happened..."


2. That One Foggy Morning

        "Darlin you gotta wake up" My mom said shaking me from every side of my body so I couldn't wiggle away "You got a photo shoot In 10 minutes!" she said laughing kissing my head.

      "Shit..." I thought "I'm late!" I darted out of my bed getting my old wooden country boots on. My outfit that day probably wasn't that great: ripped blue jeans, boots, a black tank top. "Papa wheres my car" I remember saying in a panic looking out the window shoving a cold pancake down my throat from breakfast.

    "Sweetheart I told you that your sister was takin' it! Take Lucy" My dad said watching TV like he does every morning. Lucy, was his old banged up truck that he used to get the kitchens eggs in. I remember to this day, running out to that smelly truck. Driving in it was 10 times worse, it almost broke down like 100 times. I walked in the building around 30 minutes late. The director was so pissed. But sooner or later I got into hair and make up then got my outfit on.

   "hey there love, whats your name?" When I looked up seeing Harry Styles, husky, curly hair, and extreamly tight pants I could feel my jaw drop. I knew at that point I couldn't breath or get a word out but if I didn't say something soon I'd look I saw ghost.

  "Umm- My name?" I said almost dazed by his presence already. I wasn't really attracted to him but it was kind of like the weirdest thing, seeing a popstar come up to you, and ask you your name. "Amber!" I blurted out because I totally  forgot "I'm a huge fan! I mean, not that big, not saying that your bad- I'm sorry"

"It's all good! I'm excited too! Glad to do a new photoshoot with someone other then the mates" He said before walking away to the other guys. "Fucking Idiot! I'm a huge fan! I don't even know their songs! He'll never want to talk to me again! I probably look like trash too!" I remember thinking to myself as the director was speaking to me. Everytime I would look back at Harry and the guys it was always a concern to me, considering they already seemed to be staring at me. When it was time to start I basically tried to avoid him as much as possible.

  "Hey! I'm Louis!" A bandmate came up to me during our break. He was tall too, you could tell that none of these guys were from Nashville.

"Hey I'm-"

"I know who you are! Your Amber! That idiot Harry over there won't stop telling use how perfect you are" Louis started to laugh, and don't get me wrong, I wanted to laugh to but It was the most confusing moment of my life, was it a joke? I felt my face burn up. "The lad hasn't gone out with a girl since 5th grade, so he's not really good with talking to girls, so want to go out on a date with him?"

"Um, yes!" I said quickly after, "I mean, sure, if I have time" I tried playing it off

"Great here's his number!"

                          And at that moment realized I was holding a card, with Harry Styles number on it. 

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