The lead singers daughter

Nicole the daughter of the amazing Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer. Growing up with all the boys sons is easy but when you think they all like you trouble happens


5. news

Charlies POV

We stood in silence till Lilly found her words.

"Nicole will wale up with Amnesia and wont remember the last 4 years."

"Can her memory come back easily?" I asked

"I hope so." She continued.

We all walked out again and Daisy went and sat on Alex's knee again.

" awex what wamwesia?" She asked in her lil cute voice.

I cried and cried she might not remember some of the best memories we have had.

"Daisy" Benn said and kneeled in front of her "amnesia is when you cant remember things like daddy's song."

She nodded " will she remember me?"

" we don't know Daisy." I butted in.

Iv just remembered i have Nicole's phone someone might call her or something like that. To my surprise at that moment Luke phoned her. Ahh shit! What do i do? Stupidly i answered it.

" hi Hemmings"

" hi Charlie were is Nicole?"

"Erm we were in the hospital."

" what the hell are you doing in the hospital?"

"Erm Well Alex argued with me for no reason.."

"Charlie i asked were is Nicole?!" His voice was feisty and stern,

" I'm getting their then Nicole steps in and then fainted. She like collapsed And is now in a sort of coma thing." I couldn't continue i was crying to much.

" take your time son." Luke said lovingly

" she lost a lot of blood from her head and when she wakes up she will have 3 years memory loss." I said that all in between sobs.

" thats it I'm coming home from tour right now!"

He hung up instantly.

I had to go and tell aunt Lilly before i told the boys anything.

I told her the story and then she gasped and stood up edging towards me.

"What the hell was going through your mind you STUPID STUPID BOY!!" She started hitting me i let her it was just slight sort of taps. She had no strength in her. Before i could say anything the full force punched me in the stomach and my face . Thats it she knocked me out cold.

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