The lead singers daughter

Nicole the daughter of the amazing Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer. Growing up with all the boys sons is easy but when you think they all like you trouble happens


2. movies

"Hey hey hey! Tour not sitting next to Nicole i am you basted." Alex shouted.

"hey guys! guys! If you continue like this I'm not sitting next to either of you!" I said. "So stop being suck dicks and fighting over a seat!"

In the end i sat in-between Charlie And Alex so non of them argued again.

Well why would they both fight over me? Jm nothing special i get told everyday at school everyone hates me! Im the daughter of The pop punk legend Luke Robert Hemmings! Why should put up with it? Any way i thought charlie didnt show any emotion to anyone he is the son of Michael. But i mean me i never thought he would like me back...

So at the Movies when the scary bits came on i dug my head into Charlie's chest it was so warm and embracing i just wanted to stay their.

But then the mood changed immediately...

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