The lead singers daughter

Nicole the daughter of the amazing Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer. Growing up with all the boys sons is easy but when you think they all like you trouble happens


6. lovers in hospitle

"Oh my god Charlie are you ok?" Lilly crouched next to Charlie on the floor " PLEASE SOMEONE WE NEED A DOCTOR!!" Lilly yelled and benn ran in and stopped towering over the red haired boy.

"Wha what happened here??" He asked

"I like just hit him and that happened! The boys are coming back!" She said to benn

"Ok get Daisy and il get the doctor."

She picked up Daisy and walked through the white doors.

Benn tried to pick Charlie up but he couldn't. He picked up his hand. And was surprised by what he saw. Cuts. All down his arm .


A nurse came running in blue uniform dark hair and blue eyes.

"Whats happened here? Oh their is some nasty cuts on his arm here. Do you know what has happened?" She asked in a caring way.

"No see that girl their?" He pointed to Nicole "she fainted and passed out now she is here. My aunty who has just hit my friend charlie has been took out. And iv just pulled up his arm and seen thies! Cuts wiat. He has wrote things in them .. One says Nicole! What hes always liked her! "

"Ok we can get him onto a bed he has just passed out or been knocked out." The nurse said.

I need parts for the next bit:

Nicole best friend:

Alex bully:

Benns girlfriend:

Tobys girlfriend/ bully:

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