The lead singers daughter

Nicole the daughter of the amazing Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer. Growing up with all the boys sons is easy but when you think they all like you trouble happens


4. in the hospitle

Alex's POV

This is all my fault if i didnt argue with Charlie she wouldnt be here. She looks dead she lost a lot of blood from her head. Im seriously worried about her! Were not allowed to go in yet. Luke is on tour at the minuet and no one want to tell him yet. Nicole's mam is in their. Were not allowed to go in family only.

I Just started to cry tears streamed down my face still warm i tried to do it quietly so no one noticed but Little Daisy did and came and jumped on my knee.

"Alex? Whats wrong with Coley?"

"She .. She hurt her head when we were out. And shes just sleeping at the minuet she be awake soon." I told her to stop her from being upset.

"No Alex i need to see Coley now!!"

She didn't even Finnish her sentence she ran in i had to go after her!


It woke aunt Lilly up. I looked at her face mascara stains round her eyes bags round her eyes and her face was so pale.

"Im so sorry Lilly she just ran in wanting Nicole i didnt know she was going to i apologise again."

I picked up Daisy and headed out but before i did i looked back at Nicole 1 more time .

Lifeless , pale , beautiful and just dead!

I really hope she isn't i couldn't cope with out her i love her so much she is lirtrally my sister.

"Hey Alex invite the lads in i want to tell you all something." She said with. More tears flowing from her beautiful Brown eyes.

I ran out and got the lads they all walked in with the most saddest expression on and Gasped at the sight of her we all cried .

"I need to .. Tell .. You guys some ... Thing .. T that hass happened to N Nicole."

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