This is basically a book with quotes, personal thoughts, advice, and just anything that comes to mind with personal opinions.
If you have any ideas that I should talk about, you can write them in the comments or message me on kik: sammi.1219
If you don't want me to say who it's by, just tell me and I'll keep it just between us two :)
Hope you enjoy reading this (:


3. Chapter Two- Future mistakes

"I mean we've talked about it all, marriage, kids, and our future.

If something goes wrong at the wedding you can't just restart it, just play it off like it's supposed to happen.

If and when we have kids and we argue, you can't just walk out, you have to stand your ground.

Our future is based upon what happens then. Not what happens now, or what has happened in the past.

We can't walk back in time and stop the time, we have to keep moving and never look back, because our future is what is built from our past and present.

Yeah, there's no looking back, but there's always the memories that are still plastered in our minds, that help guide us to the future, where we stay and never look back, except on the days we've almost gave up on." -Sammi.1219

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