This is basically a book with quotes, personal thoughts, advice, and just anything that comes to mind with personal opinions.
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4. Chapter Three- love hurts you

“The truth about Love, is it’s going to hurt you.

There isn’t anything anyone can say that will keep it from happening.

It’s inevitable to hear words that will crush your heart, see actions that will bring you to tears, and read words of broken promises that will cause you to drink your life away.

Love is a drug, but I don’t think that pain drives someone to not love again, or hurt forever.

To me, that can’t be love. Why would I wan’t something like that, that can’t be love.

Love has to be this person that makes you feel good, that gets you laughing so hard that you cry.

Smiling so big your cheeks hurt, tell you things that cause your body to be filled with helium and float off into space.

That even when they break your heart and aren’t there to fix it, they still do with all the great memories they filled you with.

Where the bad memories of them saying good bye are out numbered by the Road Trips, unforgettable laugh sessions, nights spent talking about the future, staring up at stars making wishes that no matter how big they were would come true.

They aren’t there with you or on the phone talking, but their voice still echoes through your ears.

That your thoughts of them get you feeling so happy that you didn’t even know it was possible to feel that good.

That you still laugh at the fact they drove three hours to see you just because they wanted a funnel cake.

That when you’re sick they were there in a heart beat with a handful of movies, snacks, and a blanket.

When you send a text they don’t text back, they call; when you call they don’t answer they’re at your dorm room door knocking.

That’s what Love is, it has to be.”

- my boyfriend <3

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