This is basically a book with quotes, personal thoughts, advice, and just anything that comes to mind with personal opinions.
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11. Chapter Ten - Alone

Have you ever felt so alone that you couldn't even open your mouth to speak, because your mouth has been shut for awhile?

Have you ever felt so alone that you can't even think straight?

I've never felt so alone with my friend gone, everyone's looking at me like I'm insane, my fist balled up ready to fight if anyone opens up their mouth to talk shit.

Found out my ex has been cheating, I didn't really find that out, it's all the drawn up conclusions..

Even though he's my ex, it still hurts..

It hurts not being able to feel his warmth, feel his lips on mine, our fingers intertwined, legs close together, his head on my shoulder as I type away listening to awkward conversations..

It just... Hurts..

I'm so alone that it makes me wanna cry...

I don't wanna eat unless I'm around people I know.. I don't wanna socialize unless it's with a teacher to talk about my problems..

I'm seeing messages suddenly flash across my screen, like.. Why should I reply instantly when you hadn't? You took like forever to respond.

I saw a short guy sit in the table in front of me, the table empty all but him.. He always sits alone, I hope one day I get the courage to have him sit by me...

You promised you'd always be there for me... Where are you now?

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