This is basically a book with quotes, personal thoughts, advice, and just anything that comes to mind with personal opinions.
If you have any ideas that I should talk about, you can write them in the comments or message me on kik: sammi.1219
If you don't want me to say who it's by, just tell me and I'll keep it just between us two :)
Hope you enjoy reading this (:


2. Chapter One- You Promised

You promised you'd never let go, you lied.

You promised you'd never give up, you lied.

You promised you'd always be there for me, you lied.

You promised we'd last forever, you lied.

You promised you'd never hurt me, you lied.

You hurt me physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Mentally, you've taken my sanity.

Emotionally, you caused me to never trust anyone the same way.

And physically, you broke me, so bad that I could feel my heart breaking, my breath was caught in my throat it was choking me out, my heart gave out and my tears poured out. My tears represented the blood pouring out of what use to be a good loving heart.

You hurt me, and honestly... I'm glad you did because now I don't have to put up with your bullshit ass anymore.

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