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10. Chapter Nine - What True Love Really Is

-"How do you know you truly love someone?"-

Well, you'll be thinking about them non stop

You'll try talking to them whenever you have the spare second

You'd be making time for them

If you truly loved someone, you'd tell them your darkest secrets that your friends don't even know

You'll share your favorite candy or soda with them

You'll invite them in with your plans

You'll call them up late nights

You'll find a way on seeing each other when your parents or someone intervenes and says you can't see them

You'll fight for them, for what's right, for what you want and for what they want

You'll kiss them that one time before they have to leave

You'll run up to each other, you'll hug each other like it's the end

You won't just leave when there's a fight going on, you'll both try to make it work out, you won't give up so easily if you truly do love that person..

When they fall, you'll be there to catch them or to help them up if you're not fast enough

When they're crying you'll be that one they go to just so you could hold them and tell them that everything's gonna be okay, that they're not alone

When they laugh, it's adorable and extremely contagious so you laugh along

When they smile at you you'll smile back and make that smile linger

When they runaway from a bad day you're there to run after them and just runaway with them

When they make a silly joke that makes no sense, you just laugh at their attempt

When you cry at night, they're there to hold you and tell you everything's gonna be okay

When you and your best friend get in a fight they're there to hug away the tears, tell you that you don't need them, that you're better off with them, that nobody is worth your tears

When you have a nightmare, and can't sleep after that, they're there to hold you in their arms and tell you funny stories

When you're on stress to the max and you can't calm down, they're there to run that warm bath water for you, to massage your shoulders as you go on and on about what's bothering you

When you're fighting, and they see the tears in your eyes they're there to stop and hug you tight saying that they're sorry, and that you're sorry as well

When you get that phone call in the middle of the night saying that someone you were close to had just passed away, they're there to calm you down, relax you, tell you that they're there for you no matter what

When you're on one of your lazy days and you just feel blah, they're there to tell you how amazing you look, how much you mean to them, how adorable you are when you're sleeping

When you're sick, they're there to help you get better, make you soup, cuddle you, rub your back as your throwing up in the toilet or trash can, and ring you out a cool wash cloth to put across your forehead..

When you truly love someone, you won't let them go, no matter what, you'll always stick together. Through the good and the bad.

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