This is basically a book with quotes, personal thoughts, advice, and just anything that comes to mind with personal opinions.
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Hope you enjoy reading this (:


5. Chapter Four- Bestfriend

"You've been with me through everything, through self destruction, through depression, through breakups, and when I really needed someone the most, you were always there for me.

Sammi, you're my bestfriend, and it hurts me to see someone hurting you, I can hear in your voice that you're upset, if I were there, I would shank everyone with a crayon for ever hurting you.

I promise that one day I will take you out, away from everything, yeah it's like 300+ dollars down the toilet but it's worth it because I'd get to see you, to hug you, to kiss you, to hold you and tell you how much of an amazing girl you are.

If anyone tried to stop me, I'd tell them that I made a promise to you and if they still wouldn't allow me to take you, I'd put them unconscious to take you out.

You've been with me through everything... And now it's my turn to be there for you.

You're the type of person that I'd wake up at 2am with, and take to Taco Bell, if you were sleeping, I'd carry you out to the car and wake you up on the way there.

I know we're just bestfriends, but if I could I'd fly out to see you right now and kiss you, just to see you blush and smile that beautiful smile that I got to bring back.. I love you buddy!"


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