This is basically a book with quotes, personal thoughts, advice, and just anything that comes to mind with personal opinions.
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Hope you enjoy reading this (:


9. Chapter Eight - What if... Pt. 1

- what if nobody had allergies?

- what if we're all sleeping right now?

- what if we're just in a deep coma from awhile ago?

- what if this is all an illusion?

- what if we have unknown powers?

- what if pokemon actually existed?

- what if we could read each other's mind?

- what if love wasn't so hard to find?

- what if dogs didn't exist?

- what if there were no diseases?

- what if bees didn't sting or hurt people?

- what if you could teleport?

- what if there were peace everywhere?

- what if you could go out without being judged?

- what if you saw someone getting hurt?

- what if we didn't have to worry?

- what if we didn't have to be scared?

- what if abusing NEVER existed?

- what if some random person called you up, crying?

- what if your friend told you that he or she had one week left to live?

- what if cancer didn't exist?

- what if I told you, you were and are worth the fight?

- what if I told you, I love you?

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