The Island

Alex and Dillon have been best friends for a long time; they have always been able to get each other out of trouble. Will they be able to get out of the trouble they are in?

“Alex! Run! He is right behind you! You have to get out of here now...Please!”
“I’m not leaving without you. No way will I ever leave you. Not with this psycho so here it what we are gonna do…”


2. Up and Ready To Go!


Dillon’s POV                                                                                                            


Well it is 6:30 in the morning and I am ready to go! I have been waiting for what feels like forever to leave!

I walk upstairs to see Alex sitting on my couch.  Alex was already here, of course, he lives down the road from me. About 4 houses away so we are always together. 

He looked tired, but that is probably because he hates getting up early.

My parents stand In front of me! And of course my mom is crying. She thinks I am going to get hurt or kidnapped.


I look at my beautiful mom. “It’s okay mom! I will be fine! And plus Alex is going with me! I will be fine! I love you!”

“I know baby! And Alex you better watch out for her!” My mom is VERY protective of me.


“I will Mrs. Dillon’s mom. Your daughter with be safe.”


My mom really trusts Alex. Almost more than she trusts me! But that’s another story. Alex has been my best friend since forever!


"Come on Alex!!! It's time to leave!!!"


"OK! I'm coming!"


I pulled him out the door! My mom and dad standing there crying! Well my mom was not my dad. I've never seen him cry.


As Alex and I walk out the door we see two beautiful mustangs. 

 Mine being blue of course and Alex's is orange. 


"Who's are these?" I ask my mother.

"Well the blue is your's and the orange is for Alex. Do you like them?"

At the same time Alex and I both said, "Yes!"


Alex and I walked to our new cars.

"This is amazing! I can't believe they got us these!" I told Alex! I am so excited!


"How are they going to get our cars to Hawaii?" Alex asked. Just as he said that my mom and dad walked out.


"We got you a private plane for your trip and also a cargo plane for the cars." My dad said that like it was no big deal.


“Are you serious?!?” I said. I was more excited than I ever had been.


“Well yes. We figured you are responsible enough to have these car. So why not let you take them.” My dad is such a calm person.

Alex was so shocked and he looked dumbfounded as he said, "You guys didn't have to get this for me..."
My mom looked him straight in the eyes and said with the warmest smile, "We didn't have to, but we wanted to. We know how rough it is for you at home so we thought this might help you out a little."

I looked at Alex and he looked at me. We knew we were ready for this trip!


The Killer’s POV

Well, they are leaving which means they will be on their way to the airport. Which is where I am going to be.


They are going to be boarding on flight H 108 B and they have first class seats; well of course it is first class they are going to be the only ones on it. Dillon’s parents are loaded.


Anyways, I am watching them load their things in the car. I am already at the airport and little do they know I am going to be on their plane. Well I better go; it is time for me to leave for the airport.


-3 Hours Later-


We have all arrived at the airport and they are pulling their suitcases to the plane. I am already on the plane, but I have to be careful because the plane hasn’t been checked yet.


Wow, they are leaving for a whole summer and only have one suit case? No wait I see the rest.


“All right. It’s all clear.”


“Thanks Allan!” Dillon yells, a rather faint yell.


Well I am going to take a nap while we travel so nighty night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite.


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