Heartbreak girl


5. chapter 5

Shelby's POV

Once luke opened the door

He went falling to the ground I quickly

Got up and looked out the door and it was oscar. I could tell he was drunk by the way he looked. My hands started shaking he had already hit me once what would he do now. Oscar: where were you last night? I was too scared too anwser mainly because Luke was knocked out and he couldn't protect me. I quickly ran up the stairs to my room I could hear him behind me, I finally got there and locked myself in there. Oscar: come out or I will kick the door open!! I was so scared and I couldn't call anybody I had left my phone in the living room. I had started to cry and I was shaking. Of so much crying and being scared i fell asleep.

Luke's POV

I woke up and my head hurt like hell. The door was wide open and I remembered what had happened. I didn't see Shelby anywhere and I thought that maybe that bastard had done something to her. I raced up to her room to see if she was there I tried opening the door but it was locked. I went to the bathroom to go look for the key I finally found it and opened the door and there she was asleep on the ground.

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