Heartbreak girl


3. chapter 3

Shelby's POV

While I was looking at Luke's eyes he looked absolutely handsome and at time time it clicked. Luke has been my best friend for years how is it that I have never noticed I LIKE LUKE HEMMINGS.

During dinner My eyes were locked on Luke every memory came back to me. I would call him when oscar and I would get into a fight, he would quickly come over make me feel better, we would watch a movie while eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream and we would fall asleep.

Luke's POV

During dinner I couldn't help but notice that Shelby kept on looking at me. Maybe she likes me I thought, but then I remembered what she told me in the car she loved oscar

After dinner my mom went up to bed and Shelby and i stayed downstairs and we watched 2 movies her legs on top of mine and my arm around her shoulder.

Shelby's POV

After dinner we watched 2 movies and luke had asked me to stay over because it was really late. He showed me to my room and went to go get me some clothes. He came back with a hoddie and some sweats. I put on the clothes and the hoddie was huge on me so I decided to leave the sweats.

When I came out Luke's eyes went huge.

Me: what?

Luke: umm nothing it's cause you look really good in my clothes.

Me: stop drooling hemmings ( it actually made me feel really good on what he told me)

Luke: you should go to bed know.

Me: can you stay with me I still feel a little down on oscar.( I quickly lied)

He came over laid down and put the covers on both of us he put his arms around my waist and my head on his shoulders and we went to sleep.

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