Heartbreak girl


2. chapter 2

Shelby's POV

Luke dropped me off at my house and told me to get ready and that he will come and pick me up in 2 hours

I took a shower put on some skinny jeans,and put a blue flower top on and put my hair in a French braid. I heard nocking on the door and it was Luke.

Are you ready?

Yeah let me just grab my phone.

I got it and we left.

On our way to Luke's place I got a text from my boyfriend.

Text messages

Oscar: where are you?

Me: on my way to Luke's

Oscar: ur spending too much time

With him anyways I want u to come over I'm having a party.

Me: sorry I can't like I said I'm eating dinner at Luke's

Oscar: ur useless I don't know why I even started dating you in the first place I should just go ahead and dump u already!

At that moment my eyes started watering I felt like telling Luke about it but he already has to many problems.

Luke's POV

Shelby kind of looked sad on our way to my house and she kept on constantly looking at her phone.

What's wrong?


Shelby I know you I know something's wrong is it about oscar.

Shelby's POV

When Luke asked me that I completely broke down and burst into tears. Luke parked the car in his driveway and held my hand. I showed him the text messages.

Why are you still dating him if he keeps on hurting you?

Because I love him.

Luke's POV

When I heard that my heart sank the girl that I've liked since we met loved another guy who completely didn't deserve her who treated her terribly that made her cry. The girl that only thought of me as a friend.

I hugged her for a long time. She looked up at me and I wiped the tears away from her eyes.

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