Heartbreak girl


1. chapter 1

Before you guys start reading this is my first time writing a story so

It might be a little lame but I'll learn so hope y'all like!!!

(Luke"s point of view)

It was Friday I was heading to my last class which was math and then school would finally be over. I sat down next to my best friend Shelby. She was having problems with her boyfriend all the time and came to me for help or to help her feel better. I have known her since 3rd grade and ever since I met her I have always liked her and it really hurts when I see her heartbroken over her boyfriend.

(Shelby's point of view)

Hey Luke where have you been all day I haven't seen you around.

Luke: I've been very busy with all of these test lately.

I felt like telling him what was going on between oscar and I (Oscar is the boyfriend) but I feel like sometimes he kind of gets tired my problems with him.

(The bell rang)

(Luke's point of view)

Hey Shelby how about you come over today for dinner my mom hasn't seen you in a while and she wants to talk to you. You know to see how you been.

Shelby:that sounds great!!

(We walked out of the room and down the hallway to the double doors that lead outside I saw calum and he walked up to us)

Calum: hey have you guys seen melody

( melody is calum's girlfriend he's been dating her for two months know but she is know for cheating on guys and only using them for sex)

Shelby: nope haven't seen her but you should probably stay away from her

Calum: guys I really like her...

I cut him off

But you know her reputation you know what she is known for.

Calum: but I'm trying to change her

Shelby: here she comes...

Melody: hey calum

Calum hugged her and then kissed her lips.

Shelby we better get going don't want to be late.

Melody: hey Shelby luke haven't you guys been best friends since like the 3rd grade how come you guys haven't started dating y'all would make a cute couple. And best friends always end up dating.

Soo I made this chapter really short because I am new and I was running out of ideas (I might use the word y'all a lot because I am from Texas so you might read some Texas language

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