The silvermoon family

I will Add charicters with Pokemon but my partner is black kyurem is my pkm partner u can choose to have a bf but..... DRACO IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Byeeeeeeeee ����



 so heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys so how do you like it so far blackie is like kinda Twyla's protecter the attacks are flash freeze and dual claw ok? that help ya on the attacks? AS I SAID BEFOR DRACO IS MIIIIINNE!!


Draco's pov 

We were off at the train station I was with blastoise he grunted when he saw something black white yellow and blue he started charging at it and started to do splash bomb but it turned around  and did flash freeze 2 times and the figure said " You should be more stronger blastoise im very disapointed" "yes, black kyurem" "you need to know your apponents attacks you should see it any way you want to see it thats how i know you were gonna do splash bomb" Black Kyurem said and added "come on lets go Twyla"  then a girl with blonde hair and all black said "blackie can be like that sometimes sorry she's just overprotectid scince the last time we meet another bloody trainer sorry again ok byee!!" "well that was awkward" i said as i put blastoise in his pokeball and borded the train

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