This is for the Maze Runner Competition, a last minute entry, so that's why this poem isn't all that good, but hope you like it and I'd love to hear any feedback on improvements I could make :) Oh and it's meant to be about a teenager escaping prison, where he was put a few years back as a mistake. (If you don't understand that from the poem).


1. Whole

My hands rub together, creating friction,
My body heaves along with my heart,
My forehead leaks golden beads of sweat,
My feet move forward, legs apart.

I look to the right, no human passing,
I look to the left, no person on guard,
The bars before me, solid and daunting,
A jacked up teenager, locked away, barred.

That's me and I fake it, pretend that,
I'm always meant to be here, locked away,
But they've made a mistake, long forgotten,
Leaving me with nothing to say.

So now I pretend that it's normal procedure,
To stand before my locked up door,
Fist at the ready, held up, clenched tight,
Until I whack it, punch it, the lock on the floor.

Running I forget it, the reason I came,
To escaping the place I've long been,
Because adrenaline rushing, pushing me onwards,
It's more than my dreams have seen.

I feel alive with it, hopeful, alight and I,
Can't let myself get caught this time,
For I made it through years when I knew they were wrong,
And now it's my time to shine.

So I run with the wind, encasing it,
My heart pounding against the breeze,
And I know there's a place long forgotten,
But no longer do I cry on my knees.

Because I'm free, I'm feeling the moment,
Of living within a once lifeless soul,
And I wouldn't give it up to go back there;
This is me, this is life when I'm



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