The One I (Dont) Love - A 5sos fanfic

I uploaded the story on wattpad first, BUT NOW ITS HERE ;D

Christina is a tough girl, but when her best friend and stepbrother, Calum, gets new friends it puts her in an awkward situation. Christina's dark past comes back to haunt her and in a town like Wolfshaven everyone wants to know the truth.

Warning: foul language, read at own responsibility.


2. Chapter 2.

When i walk in the classroom luckily Im not the last. People stare at me like I'm some fucking ghost. I take a seat In the back and try not to get more attention. Without luck though. The bell rings and people get quiet. "Hello everyone! I'm miss Evergreen and I'm you history teacher" She is a big girl and definitely not what I expected. After 5 minutes or so a guy stumbles in the classroom. He runs to the back and sits next to me, in the empty seat, I wanted to stay empty. He is wearing ripped black skinny jeans, a green day t- shirt, and big black boots. He has a long blond fringe that almost coveres his eyes. "Im so sorry that we are early, Mr Clifford" Miss Evergreen says with a blank expression. The blond boy just laughs and says "you better be on time tomorrow" I chuckle a bit without knowing it. "Hey you are new right?" he says still smiling, looking at me. "I dont think you should be talking in class" I say and look down at the textbook, Miss Evergreen gave me. "Well you are talking now, too" Does he think he is charming or something? I give him a death glare, to tell him to shut up. "Miss Fletcher, Mr Clifford. The principals office NOW" That duche Clifford keeps laughing. I take my bag up from the floor and storm out of the door. Fuck him. After 20 seconds he catches up to me, for some reason. "Youre last name is Fletcher?" He looked at me waiting for my response. "Well my name isnt Clifford. And we are the only two people who got sent out. What do you fucking think?" I just look down the hallway, trying to not make eye contact. "Fiesty" I was expecting a "I like it" But it never came. "I was just asking because...Well one of my friends have the same last name. Or well its his middle name" He isnt smiling anymore. "What is it that you want?" it comes out a bit harsh. Just as I wanted it. "You are new. You have no idea where the principals office is" His blank face has changed into a smirk. "Whatever" I quickly find my locker and put all my junk in there. "Thats not a good idea" I take a deep breath. "And why is that" I turn around and look at him. "Well you have three more classes before lunch. Youre going to need your books" I sigh and take my backpack from my locker, again. We begin to walk down the hallways again but he doesnt talk. Of course I dont fucking care... I just thought he would. We walk through a big door and take seat in a waiting room. An old lady tells walks in the room, and she looks almost 70 years old. "Mr Abernathy is ready for you" She took a seat at, what i assume is her desk. That dude Clifford walks into the pricipals office first. I just realized I have no idea what his first name is. Clifford... Clifford. I like the sound of it. Maybe I will just call him that. Even if he told me his first name. He kind of reminds me of that dude from 50 shades of gray. Mr Gray or whatever. Not because of his looks. His name just gives me an office vibe. Sometimes even I think Im weird. "Take a seat please." he says without looking up. I dont blame him. If i had to sit and talk to fucked up kids all day, I would be rude as fuck! "I see that you are back Mr Clifford" he leans back into his chair. "And you even brought a new girl" He looks at me. I dont want trouble on my first day so I stay quiet. I just frown and roll my eyes. He lets out a big breath. Im suprised to see that Clifford hasnt spoken up yet. I thought that he would atleats fight for my freedom. Apparently not. "I dont know what to do anymore" He is staring at Clifford. "I dont even want to know what you two did. Detention for both of you. No actually you get the honor of working in the library. For two weeks, you have to clean, place books to their original place, help people find what they are looking for, and for gods sake... be nice" It doesnt even sound so bad, I love reading, So I have no idea why I speak up. "That is so unfair! You dont even know what we did! I only said one sentence. This isnt fucking fair!" I didnt think that through. "You shouldnt even have said one sentence" He looks down at some papers, and Im suprised that he didnt call me out on my swearing, but I aint complaining. "I will tell the Lillan that you two are helping her" He mutters. When I look over at Clifford his mouth is shaping an O shape. I just give him a confused look and shake my head. "Are you still here?" Im just about to scream at him again, but Clifford taps me on the shoulder and points at the door. I walk right behind him and out of the door. "What the fuck happened in there?" I look over at him "I could ask you the same thing. Why didnt you say anything?" I feel my blood boiling. He looks around the hall, shakes his head while looking at his shoes, and then drags on his shoulders. "It doesnt really matter does it" He finally looks up at me. And with that he turns around and walks away. "WE COULD HAVE AVOIDED WORKING IN THE FUCKING LIBRARY FOR TWO, WHOLE WEEKS" I scream. Luckily no one is in the halls. What am I supposed to do now? Wait for the next class? Fuck no! I run through the hall and down to my locker. I take all of my shit and shut the locker. I run towards the big exit. Im happy to see that Clifford is no where to be found. I find a bentch and sit down. I take my phone out and plug in my earphones.

When I look at my phone the clock is 11:25. In 5 minutes lunch begins. I was so mad before. But luckily thats nothing Green Day, All Time Low and Blink 182 cant kill. I walk back to my locker and people are everywhere. I take some money from my locker and text Calum.

Me: Dude. Lunch just started. Im waiting at my locker.

I wait 5 minutes and decide to go to lunch myself. He could have atleast replied. I walk into the cafeteria and see something....Strange . Calum... is sitting with other people. I cant see who the other people are. We usually sit alone. I start to walk over there. When I finally reach the table I can see their faces. "You've got to be kidding me" I say loud enough for all the people at the table to hear.

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