The One I (Dont) Love - A 5sos fanfic

I uploaded the story on wattpad first, BUT NOW ITS HERE ;D

Christina is a tough girl, but when her best friend and stepbrother, Calum, gets new friends it puts her in an awkward situation. Christina's dark past comes back to haunt her and in a town like Wolfshaven everyone wants to know the truth.

Warning: foul language, read at own responsibility.


1. Chapter 1.

Wolfshaven. It sounds just as creepy as it is. I didn't even know it exited before John and Joanna dragged me out here. John is my biological father. Joanna is Calum's mother. I refuse to call John "Dad" people always ask me why I don't. I tell them to mind their own fucking business. I don't want him to have the satisfaction of being called Dad. He doesn't deserve it. I actually like Joanna. It's kind of a first. I never liked any of his girlfriends, but since Joanna's son, is my best friend, I don't mind. Calum has been my best friend since we could walk. The other kids In kindergarten didn't matter. Cause I had Calum. I always saw him as my brother anyways. "Christina?" Calum waved his hand in front of me. "Sorry" it almost came out as a whisper, but he heard me. "So next week" he begins. "let me stop you there. I don't want a fucking party!" he lets out a big sigh. "You only turn 17 once" he mumbles. I look out of the window. Driving to school takes a hell lot longer time than expected. I didn't expect John driving us to school either. When we arrive at the school the only thing I see is losers everywhere. I already hate it. People seem to be looking at us, but when I look them in the eye, they look away. "Are we late or something?" Calum whispers in my ear. "No you dork! the clock is 07:55. There is 5 minutes till the clock rings" I glare at a girl wearing a nirvana t shirt. Pfft smells like the only nirvana song you know bitch. "We should go see the principal" Calum takes my hand and we walk into the big building.

After talking to some rude lady, we get our schedule. "I have math now. What about you?" Calum's Says and I look Down on my schedule. "History" I answer quick. "Oh well I'll see you at lunch." He gives me a hug and a big smile before he walks down the halls. History... Well fucking great.

A/N I wrote this at 00:00 so sorry for the short chapther! 

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