Your First Year at Hogwarts

You are the main character, decide what to do at the end of each chapter and live your own first year at Hogwarts.


4. 4: Tell Your Parents (Male)

You stand there in excitement, looking around the room not entirely sure what you’ve jumped up to do. Then you realise, you’ll need you parents to help sort this out and won’t they be excited.

“Mum Dad!”

You run down the stairs, nearly falling when you think there’s another step but there isn’t at the bottom.

Your parents look alarmed, thinking there’s something horribly wrong but relax when they see you grinning in excitement.

“You know that letter, the one I got this morning?”

Your sister is leant against the doorframe, arms folded, watching you in exasperation and amusement.

“Well it was an invitation to a special school, a special school for wizards. It looks really awesome, I can do magic, I’ll need a cauldron for potions and books so-”


You stop your excited babbling and your excitement fades slightly as a little more practicality sets in at the sight of your parents’ obvious disbelief. Not the, ‘Wow, this is amazing,’ sort of disbelief either, the ‘Has he gone mad?’ sort instead.

“Here, I’ll show you the letter, you’ll see, no one would go to that much trouble for a silly prank like that and it makes sense as well when you think about it more.”

You hurry back up to your room and freeze in horror.

The letter has blown further across the windowsill and is balanced precariously on the edge, shifting slightly with the wind. Just as you burst into motion to catch it before it blows away the letter seems to change its mind, stopping and shifting inwards slightly before jumping off the windowsill and zooming into the outstretched hand of your sister to your side.

“Natalie!” you cry out at the sight of your sister holding a wand and glaring at you fiercely.

“Get in here midge.” She pulls you by your t-shirt into her room and shuts the door.

“Get off, get off.” You struggle out of her grip and hold out your hand, glaring at her in a way that shows you mean business but she doesn’t hand over the letter.

Instead she has you at wand point while she scans through the letter, making sure it’s exactly as she would expect before putting the tip of her want against it and watching it disintegrate in flames.

“Do you really think I’d let you show this to mum and dad? They won’t believe you anyway. I can sort it out, you can come with me, just don’t tell them. Ok?”

You gape at her in astonishment. “But Nattie”

She responds with a harsh look.

“Ok, fine,” you shrug. “It’ll be easier for me anyway. How do you plan on making that work?”

You expected her to fail at your challenge into how she could do it but she simply explained some fake paperwork for the special school that you had always though she went to.

“So you didn’t get free education at a special ‘gifted and talented’ school then,” you smirked.

She narrowed her eyes at you menacingly. “I did, just not in the way that you and our parents assumed.


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