Your First Year at Hogwarts

You are the main character, decide what to do at the end of each chapter and live your own first year at Hogwarts.


3. 3 (Female)

The letter is addressed to Miss A. Hynd in ‘The Biggest Bedroom’, a fact which had always annoyed your older brother and left him feeling of indignant. You decide to open it in your room just in case and because you like your privacy so you set it aside and contain your curiosity while you have your breakfast.

For the entire time that you’re sat there pretending to enjoy the slightly overcooked eggs your brother is watching you with a strange expression. It seems to be a mixture of the expression he wears when you get in the way or embarrass him in front of his friends with, for some reason, a hint of pride.

After pulling a face at him so he looks away and you forget about it you finish your less than tasty eggs leaving as much as politely possible and head up to your room, forcing yourself to go slowly while your parents can see you until you rush up the stairs eager to find out what’s in the letter.

Sitting cross legged on the bed you push the window open a little for fresh air as it is surprisingly warm for late summer in the UK and carefully break the purple seal to tip the letter out of the envelope onto the covers in front of you.

You spread out the thick creamy paper on the windowsill as and read the contents.

You have been asked to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the letter discusses strange, magical equipment lists and is written in what looks like some sort of old fashioned ink pen or quill on heavy parchment. Of course you would have every right to be sceptical (who in their right mind would believe this) or maybe you’re not in your right mind because it just feels true. There have been quite a few strange occurrences in your life in the not so distant past, animals that did your bidding, objects that moved of their own accord, that girl who made fun of your clothes and suddenly found herself wearing a ridiculous hat.

You spring up from your bed with a jolt of excitement. You’re a witch!


Do you. . .?

Tell your parents (Chapter 6)

Send an owl asking for help getting ready for and going to Hogwarts without your parent’s knowledge (Chapter 7)

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