Your First Year at Hogwarts

You are the main character, decide what to do at the end of each chapter and live your own first year at Hogwarts.


2. 2 (Male)

The letter is addressed to Mr J. Andrews, which would be you. Smiling in amusement at ‘The Very Pink Room’ written on the next line because ever since you swapped rooms with your sister you’ve been nagging your parents to repaint the walls, you turn it over and rip along the top ignoring your mother trying to tell you you’re meant to open it at the purple seal. You go to take the letter out of the envelope when you’re interrupted by a your plate of scrambled eggs and toast being practically thrown onto the table in front of you by your sullen older sister and you choose to butter your toast while it’s still warm and eat your breakfast before your sister decides to help you out.

While you munch your breakfast and ignore the ominous stare from your sister you consider what the contents of the letter might be. It’s probably a themed party invite or something you decide as you finish up your scrambled eggs and dump the plate on top of the dishwasher.

Your fingers are still a bit buttery from your toast so you leave greasy smudges on the envelope as you pick it up and then realise that if it is a party invite your mum will no doubt force you to go even it’s from the horribly spiteful girl that you would certainly not like to spend any more time with than necessary. You go up to your room to open it just in case.

Sitting cross legged on the bed you push the window open a little for fresh air as it was surprisingly warm for late summer in the UK and tip the letter out of the envelope onto the covers in front of you.

You spread out the thick creamy paper on the windowsill as and read the contents.

You have been asked to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the letter discusses strange, magical equipment lists and is written in what looks like some sort of old fashioned ink pen or quill on heavy parchment. Of course you would have every right to be sceptical (who in their right mind would believe this) or maybe you’re not in your right mind because it just feels true. There have been quite a few strange occurrences in your life in the not so distant past, animals that did your bidding, objects that moved of their own accord, that kid who made fun of your clothes and suddenly found himself wearing a ridiculous hat.

You spring up from your bed with a jolt of excitement. You’re a wizard!


Do you. . .?

Tell your parents (Chapter 4)

Send an owl asking for help getting ready for and going to Hogwarts without your parent’s knowledge (Chapter 5)

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