Your First Year at Hogwarts

You are the main character, decide what to do at the end of each chapter and live your own first year at Hogwarts.


1. 1

Most of you know how this works, at the end of each chapter there will be several options and you can decide. Explore different options or just stick to one path whatever you want my goal is just that people read and enjoy this.

If you do actually like this (in which case yay!) it would be great if you can comment on what options you’ve chosen so I can try and write them quicker and so I know what people are going for. You can even make up and suggest your own options if you like and I’d be happy to do my best.

Of course this likely isn’t going to be to the same standard as my usual stories (not that you’d know because they hardly ever make their way onto movellas) as the plot is less thought out and it’s just a bit of fun.

To make it less confusing and annoying I will publish all of the options presented at the end of the most recent chapters all at the same time. (But as separate chapters.)

I’m starting at your first year but it may go further so you won’t always be 11.


It is the summer holidays and you have just turned 11. You live in an ordinary muggle family in a pleasant part of England with an ordinary muggle life and go to an ordinary muggle school. Well, at least until now you have done.

You are in bed reading the latest book in your favourite series and putting off actually getting up for as long as possible until you hear you father calling from downstairs.

“Scrambled or fried? And you’ve got something in the post.”

You take note of the page of your book, not that you’ll remember it later, and push your covers back as though it takes more effort than the laps you hate doing in your PE lessons, which, first thing in the morning, it kind of does.

“Scrambled,” you call back as you walk across the landing and down the stairs with decidedly less grace than you have later in the day.

Expecting nothing more than some eggs on toast and yet another birthday card from a distant relative you don’t even remember you rub your eyes, walking into the kitchen and flopping down in your usual chair.

“This letter looks rather interesting,” your mother says, holding a cream envelope with cursive writing on it. “How exciting, do tell me what it says,” she continues, holding out the letter.

You look down at the letter she has placed in your hand.


For a start I’ve got a pretty simple question. You can choose your own or just the one you’d prefer to see from the point of view of in this story.


Are you. . ?

Male (Chapter 2)

Female (Chapter 3)

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