When snow falls

Every day off my live I have been waiting. Waiting for 2 people. A women and a man, a dad and a mom… I was 3 years old when I came here. In this hellhole. I don’t like to call it an orphanage. It’s more like a living hell. The only nurse that’s nice here is Martha. She used to tell me story’s when I was a little girl. About princesses and knights that came to save her. I’m currently 18 and nobody ever came to save me. I know my mums still alive. She just doesn’t want me. Until the 6th of January, on my 18th birthday, when she just walked in to my room, like I just saw her yesterday…. when Rose's mom comes to pick her up after 15 years, she doesn't know what to expect. But she certainly didn't expect her mom to be 1D manager. Did I mention that Rose hates them? And that she only has 30 days with her mom? Oops, my bad...
I don't know shit about copyright but don't steal my story or I will haunt you in your sleep,


4. million dollar smile


A/N hi you guysss,

So this chapter is kinda short but I’m so tired bc school and people. So let’s goooo:

We stepped out of the car and that’s when I saw them. T h e b o y s.

Ugh. I never really listened to their music before and I don’t really know who they are, but I do know there are supposed to be 5 boys. Now I just see: one dark haired boy with dark brown eyes, one boy with brown hair and blue eyes, one dark blond boy and a blond guy with blue eyes. Ehh, they still looked gay to me.

‘Rose, this is Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall.’ My mum said.

‘Hi, its so nice to meet you. Claire has told us so much about you!’ Liam said. Or is it Louis?

‘Right. Look I’m really tired so where’s my bedroom?’

They looked at me weirdly.

‘Okeee… so you can decide if you wanna stay in our house or in Claire’s house.’ Zayn said. I think.

‘OH I forgot, your room isn’t finished yet love. So you need to stay at the boys in the meantime. I hope you don’t mind…’ Mum said.


‘Do I have a choice?’

It think not, bc the boys are already bringing in my luggage.

‘For Christ sake please be carefull ….’

I couldn’t finish my sentence, because there he was. The boy with the million dollar smile. With the chocolate curls. And with the piercing green eyes. The boy. The boy I fell in love with 2 years ago. The boy who broke my heart. H a r r y  S t y l e s….


A/N omggg guys this chapter is so short and crappy but this is like the ‘beginning’ of the story….

Well anyways, like comment, favourite and all that shizzle

Love ya

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