Sick of you!

So he got sick and now I have to look after him on tour! What next?
All rights reserved @ Annadimi123


2. The concert

Toni P.O.V

we walked in the concert and Anna,Leah and Sophie were already fan girling! 

Sophie walked in front of us to show us our seats and well WE ARE IN THE FREAKING FRONT ROW! 

just then the big speakers spoke but with a voice not just an normal voice but an Irish accent it spoke "One Direction will be on first,Then 5sos,followed with Ed Sheeren" As it ended I heard giggles and then screams and looked around seeing all the girls pointing to the stage i turned to the stage and saw a curly haired green eyed boy waving.

He carried on waving and went to the microphone and said "The concert will start in 1 minute!" And ran back behind the stage.

Looking back at my friends and what is my mom doing here?

"Mom what are you doing here?" I said

"oh dear I am staying for the concert!" when she replied my mouth went open I mean i am 17!

Music was on and girls were screaming looking at the stage once more the curly dude was there with 4 other dudes and looking at the girls I knew it was 1 direction.

36 minutes later....

You say 36 minutes of fun..NOOOOO you mean 36 minutes of screams,horrible singing you know what i mean (A/N I love these boys hey this is just Toni she dose not like them!)

*GASP* "What?" I looked on stage and saw a boy lying on there 

"Is anyone a doctor here?? Anyone?" The blonde asked in to his mike. My mum raised here hand and told me to come on stage with the gals and take the boy back stage.(Louis) 

"Need a little help guys!" I picked the dude up and back behind the stage and put him on the couch.

I felt his pulse and it was average.

"MOM HIS PULSE IS AVERAGE!" I shouted across the room

"I am right here love no shouting!" My mom talked back

"We can't preform with out Louis Paul!" Curly spoke and stomped his feet

Paul stared at me and pointed to Leah,Sophie,Anna and I to come next to the curly boy

"You girls need to keep the fans busy and under control" as he said that he pushed us on stage with mics in our hands we were not good to go!

Hey guys sorry for not updating in a while!

love you my unicorns Merry x-mas and new year!

love with all my heart annadimi123



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