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My mind led me think you were the one,but my heart beat to someone else.The first book of the 5sos series. ENJOY!

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2. Chapter Two

The next morning,I woke up with the worst headache and a bunch of missed calls.They were all from my mom,I'll call her back later.I went into the kitchen and found a bunch of different cereals,I chose lucky charms.I made me a bowl of cereal and sat at the table.Luke came out of his room a few moments later,shirtless may I add. "Good morning." I said before putting another spoonful of cereal in my mouth. "morning." he responded back.He grabbed a bowl from the cabinet an joined me at the table.I couldn't help but stare at his toned abs.He poured him a bowl of cereal and started eating.

"Did you see a girl walk out of here?" He asked.I shook my head and continued eating. "why?" I asked curiously. "nothing.Just the girl I had over wasn't here when I woke up,which was three hours ago." He seemed pretty sad that she wasn't here. "Did you like her or something?" I asked nonchalantly. "yeah I actually did,but I don't think she was at all interested." I stayed quiet as I didn't know how to answer. "I don't even think she knew my name." he finished his cereal and put the bowl in the sink.He stood there for a while with his back to me.

"How do you tell a girl that you like her after a one night stand?" He asked bluntly.I didn't know how to answer that considering the fact that I'd never had a one night stand before. "I guess you just tell her how you feel." he didn't say anything after that for a while. "what are you doing today?" I ate another spoonful of cereal before answering, "I'm going out to look for jobs later,why?" He shrugged. "I was hoping I could get to know you better,you know since we're living together." He said. "And how do you suppose you're gonna do that?" He smirked before answering," by playing 20 questions." He walked over and sat down on the couch,patting a spot beside him.I put my bowl in the sink and joined him on the couch.

"So how do you play?" I asked.I've heard of the game but had never played. "Basically I say a statement starting with 'never have I ever...' And if you have done the action,you take a shot." he smirked. "Its a little too early for shots." I said. "I know,that's why we're using soda." I nodded. "okay so never have I ever made out with someone." I sat there as he took a sip of his soda. "Um never have I ever had a one night stand." he laughed before taking another sip of his drink. "Never have I ever had sex." I sat there motionless as he took yet another sip of his drink. "you're such a goodie two shoes." he said. "yeah,yeah whatever.I'm gonna go get ready to head out and find a job."


I walked over to the local restaurant near the dorms on campus.I walked in and it was relatively small,but packed.

"Can I help you with something?" A deep voice said.I turned to see a guy with brown curly hair and can I say that he had a large variety of tattoos. yes you can actually,I saw a sign yesterday that you guys were hiring." "oh yes we are actually.What's your name?" He asked. "My name is is Jaclyn somers-morales." I said introducing myself. "I'm Harry.I'm the manager of the restaurant.Do you have any experience in the kitchen?" he asked. "yes I do actually.I worked at Olive Garden during my last three years in high school." He nodded. "great,follow me." He led me back into the kitchen and showed me where I'd be working. "I'd appreciate it if you could come back for training.There's some pieces of equipment that can be quite dangerous if not handled properly." I nodded. "what time do I have to be here?" I asked.I was hoping that I didn't have to come in to early because I'm not a morning person. "lets try around 12 in the afternoon." "ok yeah,I could do that.Thank you." he smiled, " no problem,have a nice day."

I walked out of the restaurant and headed to class.I had psychology 101 today and I couldn't be late for my first day of class.


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