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My mind led me think you were the one,but my heart beat to someone else.The first book of the 5sos series. ENJOY!

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6. Chapter Six

I heard thudding and banging coming from the kitchen in the middle of the night,a scream following closely after.I got up to go see what it was that was going on.I was pitch black in the living room and dining room area so I went to go turn the kitchen light on.Luke was on the floor with a pot beside him and Mandy a couple of feet behind him.

"Luke? What the hell are you doing?" I asked.He slowly got himself up off of the floor and brushed himself off. "I was trying to get a pot to make some Ramon noodles with and she started screaming.We both looked back at Maddy,who looked too tired and too confused to care what was going on. "In the dark? Really Luke?" I shouted. "I'm sorry for screaming guys.I just saw a really tall dark figure walk past me and I freaked out." Mandy interjected. "its fine.I don't blame you for screaming." I said.I turned to look at the stove clock and then back at Luke.

"It's four in the morning!" I shouted. "I know and I'm sorry.I just got really hungry." he said.I nodded my head and turned in the direction of my room. "Mandy,do you want to sleep in my room or stay out here?" I asked. "I'll be fine out here.Luke's noise isn't that bad." she said turning to walk back to the couch she was once fast asleep on. "sorry about the noise guys." Luke apologized,slowly setting the water filled pot on the stove. "it's fine just try not to be too loud again.Goodnight." I said,heading back to my room. "Goodnight."


I woke up around eleven this morning which was late for me.I didn't have school today so I had a whole day to myself.I walked out of my room and into the bathroom to freshen up.When I finished I walked out into our open area,and Mandy nor Luke were there.

Luke's door was still closed so I just assumed that he was still asleep.Mandy told me she had class today so she wasn't going to be here when I woke up.I couldn't get off of last nights events.The way Harry was overprotective and caring was really cute,but then again the way Luke's lips felt against mine was incredible.

Since the day I'd met both Harry and Luke,I'd found them both attractive.Luke was more on the wild side of things while Harry was more chill,laid back even.He was caring.

My thoughts were interrupted by a door opening.Luke walks out in nothing but basketball shorts and a beanie. "Goodmorning." He said.He walked around to the couch and turned the tv on.He walked over and stood over me. "What are you doing tonight?" He asked. "Nothing,why?" I said.Why was he asking me this. "there's a party tonight at a frat house down the street if you'd like to go." he said. "I guess I'll go but one condition." I said. "what's that?" He asked,raising his eyebrow at me. "stay close by to me.I want get lost." I said.I sounded like a scared five year old but I didn't care.I didn't trust any of the people here besides Mandy,Luke,and harry.

"Yeah,sure." He said right away.I nodded and headed to the bathroom. "okay.I'm gonna get in the shower." I said.I walked in my room to get my things.


(A/N): I'm sorry it's so short but I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!☺️🙈

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