M I S G U I D E D. || l.h

My mind led me think you were the one,but my heart beat to someone else.The first book of the 5sos series. ENJOY!

All Rights Reserved © overcalumed 2014


7. Chapter Seven

I got out the shower and threw on some jeans and a t-shirt.It was around twelve something and no where near time for a party.Luke door was closed so I'm guessing that he was in his room.

I walked past his room and into the living room to watch some tv.There was really nothing on which made me mad.

The only thing on was scary movie 2,which I decided to watch so why not.

"Jaclyn!" Luke shouted from his room.I got up and went to his door. "Are you naked?" I asked.I heard him laugh. "no,I'm not.You can come." he said.I slowly opened the door,peeking around the corner.Luke was standing in front of his closet shirtless,holding two shirts in his hands.

"Which shirt should I wear to the party? This one or this one." He asked,moving the shirts closer to me. "I like the red plaid flannel better." I said.He shook his head and threw the other shirt on his bed and put the other one on. "its no where near time for the party." I laughed. "I know I just want to see how it looks." he said.He slid the shirt over his body and buttoned it up.

"Hmm,I like it." he said,looking at himself in the mirror before taking it off again,leaving him shirtless once again.

Dang this boy had a nice body.Luke's arms were just so nicely toned and his abs were so perfect.I need to stop thinking like this.I like Harry and besides Luke's my roommate,I'd be weird.

"What do you wanna do until the party starts?" He said,throwing on a shirt over his head. "um I guess we could watch a movie o-" the doorbell rang.Luke and I looked at each other confused.Who could that be? "I'm gonna go answer that." I said.I stepped out into the small hallway and out into the living room and to the door.

I opened it to see Harry standing there. "hey." I said,a smile playing at the corners of my lips. "hey,I just wanted to come see you." he said. "oh okay,well come in." I said. "I can't,but trust me I would love to.I have to go to work in about half an hour." He said. "oh okay well how have you been?" I asked. "I've been great actually,how about you?" "I've been great too." I said. "that's nice,listen there's a party tonight.Do you wanna go with me?"

"Oh,I was kinda going with luke since he knows a lot of people there." I said," but I'm sure I'll be fine with you." I said. "Great,I'll pick you up at ten." he said.Harry's pager started to beep and a worried looking appeared on his face, "I have to go.Kevin started a small grease fire,but they were able to put it out.I have to if see how serious the damages are." He said. "okay,well I'll see you later." I said. "you surely will you,bye cutie." he said.

He called me a cutie.I could feel my heart melting.He was so damn cute,it hurt.I was interrupted by a door slamming.I looked to see luke coming out of his room. "Who was it?" He asked. "oh it was Harry." I said. "oh him." I watched as luke continued walking to the couch and grabbing the remote,not asking anymore questions.Did he have a problem with Harry? Besides the fact that Harry beat him up a couple of nights ago.I sat down beside him on the couch.

"Luke?" I asked. "yeah?" He said. "do you have a problem with Harry?" I asked.I could see him rolling his eyes at the sound of his name. "No,now what movie do you wanna watch?"


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