M I S G U I D E D. || l.h

My mind led me think you were the one,but my heart beat to someone else.The first book of the 5sos series. ENJOY!

All Rights Reserved © overcalumed 2014


5. Chapter Five

I walked out of the restaurant and started the short distance back to my dorm.I couldn't get Harry off of my mind,which I didn't mind.He seemed like a sweet guy,his smile and charm.I didn't know if I really like him or not,but we'll find out next Monday.

"Hey Jaclyn." I heard a voice say.I looked up from the ground to Luke stumbling towards me.A drink in his hand,spilling from the cup. "Luke,you need to go home.You're drunk." I said while holding his arms to help balance him. "God,you look really hot tonight." he said,pulling me closer to him by my hips.His breathe hit my face and it sure enough smelt like alcohol. "Luke,get off of me please." I demanded calmly.A smirk grew on lips as he leaned in roughly pressed his lips on mine.I wasn't going to lie,I liked the way this felt,his lips on mine and his hand on me.We fell to the ground and he started trailing his finger up and down my thigh. "Luke,stop please." I moaned into his mouth.He smirked and moved his finger more and more deeper in between my legs.Once I'd cleared my mind and came to,I realized what was happening. "Luke,get off of me!" I shouted.Harry came running out and kicked Luke from on top of me.I got up and brushed my self off.Harry got down and started punching Luke in the face and gut. "harry,stop hurting him please." I screamed.

Harry looked up at me confused. "what do you mean stop hurting him? He was obviously trying to hurt you." Harry said,getting up from his crouching position leaving Luke rolling from side to side holding his stomach. "No,he wasn't.He's drunk off his ass.He walked over to me and fell on me because he couldn't balance himself. "then why'd you scream like he was?" Harry asked intently. "because I couldn't get him off myself.If you haven't noticed,he's extremely tall." I explained.Harry shook his head and stepped closer to me. "Are you sure your okay?" He asked.I nodded,"yes I'm sure,I just really need it get him home." I told him.He nodded and pressed his lips against my forehead,which caused me to blush.He slid me his phone number. "if you ever need anything,call me." he said.I nodded and he turned and walked away.I walked over to Luke,who was moaning and groaning in pain.I helped him to his feet.

"Come on,lets get you home."


I walked him to his bedroom and lied him down on his bed.I turned around and started to walk out. "Cuddle with me?" Luke asked.I turned to face him. "what?" I asked.Where did all this sudden affection come from? He pulled back his comforter and patted his hand down on it. "come on." I shook me head and laughed,"goodnight Luke." I laughed a little as I walked out into the main room to find Mandy.

I found her laying on the long sofa Luke and I had.I didn't bother her.She looked so peaceful when she slept,so instead I walked over to my room and laid down,the thoughts of tonight's events going through my head.From Harry's overprotective attitude,which I found extremely attractive,to Luke's sudden interest in me.It was a lot to process.One things for sure,I won't forget what happened with Luke and I tonight.


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