Team Crafted

SkyDoesMinecraft, BajanCanadian, SSundee ,JeromeASF, Deadlox, HuskyMudkipz , MinecraftUniverse, all move into a house


1. Pax

Saturday Morning

Adam's POV

Budder Budder Budder 

Ty throws a pillow at me

"Piss off Ty I say" "Okay Okay" he says leaving the room, all I remember is having a massive party getting drunk then passing out at 4 am, it was a week till Pax and i was looking forward to it because i was going to see al my best friends again well i was staying with Ty because he said we could make our way to Pax together, well i might as well get some Cereal seeing as Ty woke me up when suddenly i get a call from Jerome

Jerome: Hey Man, what's up?

Me: not much, what do you need?

Jerome: Just going to say I'm bringing my sister to Pax and she thinks your quite cute 

Me: Cool the more the merrier

Jerome: Bye Dood

Me: Bye

Nice! maybe we can date I don't know...




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