Our Book of Shadows

***It is dark and cold, her surroundings make her feel claustrophobic. It is dead silent and she doesn't know where she is. Then all of a sudden she hears a small, faint, shaky female voice say…
“Is anyone there?”***


3. Chapter 3

*Beep.. Beep.. Beep*

     Claire suddenly awakes to the noise, “6:45!”

She shuts off her alarm, jumps out of bed and runs down the hall. Opening the door she yells,

“We’re late Mom…”

     She sees the dark room filled with melted candles that have been recently blown out and piles of books forming a circle in... with one book in the middle. Then the door behind her slams shut, a gust of wind fills the room like a massive storm brewing, and that one book opens to a page. Claire walks up to it and sees the words fade then disappear, all but one paragraph.


      On a wooden stake she was put to death, feeling the pain, of the fire and flame. For she was a Witch, and they thought she was bad, they thought my mother was a sinful creature, though I thought she was beautiful, and cared for our safety and health. No, to them she was a witch, nothing more than sinful witch. Now all I can do is warn you of your death on the stake.

                                                                                    ~ A.A                                        


    “Something’s wrong,” she says as she walks down the hall to her brother’s room. She opens the door and he is there ready to go, grabbing his backpack and about to leave.

“I need your help, moms gone and the weirdest thing just happened in her room.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t I’m supposed to meet Paige after school today and I can’t be late.” Ethan said.

“Did you not here what I just said, our mother is NOT HERE!” Claire yelled.

“I’m sure she’s fine, but I’m sorry I have to go.” Ethan said in a rush then walks out the door.


Claire picks up the phone and dials a number; she calls the only person, who will understand,

“Lisa, I need your help.”

A voice replies with, “I’ll be there right away.”

“How fast can you get here?” Clair asked.

Lisa then replied with, “Are you questioning my skills?”

“No, it’s just important that you get here now!”

A voice says behind Claire, “Is that quick enough for you?”

            Lisa is a close friend to Claire’s mother, she has been a part of the family ever since Claire’s Father died in a car accident. They became even closer as friends when they appeared at that same coven one night, and they realized they had more in common than they thought. The Daughter and family friend flipped through books of shadows for hours and hours on end, looking for another sign, clue, or warning. Then suddenly Claire started SCREAMING in pain, she started to see fire all around her, she tried to run but she was tied up. Then she opened her eyes, and she was back in the room again, with Lisa sitting next to her, with a concerning look on her face. Claire looked down and saw blisters and burns starting to form all over her lower legs and arms. She started to scream again,

“AHHH!!!!” Claire screamed in agony.

“Are you ok? What happened, you were just sitting there.”

Claire then stopped she sat up, as if she had a moment of clarity and said,

“I know where she is.”

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