When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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67. what was going on?

Alicia's P.O.V

The police took me with them.

"We found only a guy and you need to tell us if it was he or not and if you want to complaint." He said and I only nodded my head. We arrived at the police office and got into a little room. A cop man stood infront of the door and there he sat...

"Is it him?" The cops asked and I nodded. The guy who raped me almost again stood up and pushed the table away. He stood up and grabbed my troath. I almost couldn't breath and then the cops took him away from me. I fell to the ground smacking for air and a cops sat infront of me. She took my hand in mine and spoke up:

"Hey girl, it's going to be okay. I'll take you home and rest a bit okay?" She said and I nodded. An hour later I was back home. The woman stood next to me and she rang the doorbell. Ashton opened.

"Gosh you're back!!"

"Good, we'll call you if we find the girl" the cops woman said and shook my hand. I walked inside and ran towards Michael hugging him.

"Are you okay?" He asked and I nodded

"They know everything now..." He said and I nodded. I let go of the hug.

"From what is you troath blue?" Michael asked

"That crazy stupid fucker attacked me at the police office" I said almost laughing

"Why are you laughing?" Calum asked kissing me

"I'm happy he's in prison that's why" I said smiling and kissed him again.

"We're going to parteeehh!!" I yelled and they all laughed

"Get your asses ready!"

Me and Louis went home to change our clothes and get ready, after that we drove back to the guys and go to a club. I was wearing a black ripped jeans with black vans and my Guns 'N Roses t shirt. Calum held my hand when we entered and he didn't left me. We all took some shots of Wodka and got a bit drunk. Calum went to the toilet and I took Louis' hand.

"Come dancing with me" I said and we both were laughing. We stood on the dance floor and soon his hands found their way to my hips and mine to his neck. We danced really close to each other and Calum came back. I didn't saw him but then I heard him.

"Hands off you mr. Tomlinson!" He yelled and Louis and I pulled away. I took Calum with me and Louis also. I took Louis' hand in mine and my other arm was around Calum's neck and we started dancing. Ashtin Luke and Michael aoon entered us. It was 3 in the night so we just walked back to the guys' house.

"Stay the night" Ashton said to me and Louis and we both nodded.

"Are we going to play truth or dare?" Calum asked and we all nodded

"I start, Alicia truth or dare?" Louis said

"Euhmm dare"

"I dare you to go to the nightshop and take some mentos and pull them into a coca cola bottle to make a fontine in the middle if the shop in only your bra and your pants and shoes and say that you're fucking satan. We'll film this and set this in our youtube account" Louis said smirking and I started to pull of my t-shirt and go to the nightshop with the guys behind me. They where all laughing as I opened to door of the nightshop. The guys are filming this and their are 3 young boys. Okay here I go... I walked to the drinks and took a roll mentos. I put them in the coca cola bottle. I shook it and sat it down in the middle. The guys where all looking at me and they laughed.

"I'M FUCKING SATANNNN" I yelled and everybody was laughing in the shop. The guys came in.

"Here your shirt" Calum said throwing it at me as he kissed me. I pulled my shirt back on.

"Sorry off this, we'll clean it. It was for a truth or dare game" Ashton said

"Oh it's okay I'll clean it by myself. It's good that somebody can make a long night funny" the owner said and the 3 guys where still laughing. One of them came up to me.

"But you're... You're Alicia Tomlinson right?" He asked as I said yes that's me baee.

"You're really pretty, can I have a picture and a hug?" He asked as I nodded.

He handed his phone and we made some pictures, one normal, one where he gaves me a kiss on my cheek.

"You know her?" A guy asked and he asnwered:

"Yeah it's that girl I showed you guys before, look, you're my background" he said and showed his phone with my picture.

"Aww sweet" I said and he asked for another hug so I gave him.

"Hey Ali fine? I'm here also maybe?" Calum said pulling me away as I laughed.

"Bye guys" I said and we got back home.

"Seriously that was amazing" Louis said laughing.

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