When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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53. truth or dare

Alicia's P.O.V

After cleaning the house Louis left for band practice. Ashton asked for playing truth or dare. We did a couple rounds and then Michael chose me.

"Ali, truth or dare?"


"Okay nice choise" he said smirking "who you think fucked you better laat night?" He said still smirking

"Really Mikey?" Luke laughed


"Well euh actually they both where awesome" I said looking down

"Chose one of them" Ash said smirking and I glared at him 'cause he knew I loved sex with Luke.

"Well?" Calum said

"L-Luke" I stuttered and got red.

"You. Me. Bed. NOW!" Calum shouted glaring at me

"No just no mate we're playing a game so don't you dare to break it" Michael laughed

"Alicia, I swear you, you wont be able to walk tomorrow" Calum whispered in my ear and kissed my neck

"Keep that for the night" Michael said laughing

"BUT PLEASE BE QUIET" Ashton added and we all started laughing

"Cal truth or dare" I asked


"What was the real reason that you asked to Luke for join in?" I asked

"I knew that you loved sex with him and so I decided to ask him"

Luke looked at me with his mouth open and I face palmed

"I didn't know you did... I always tought you never liked it..." Luke said to me

"Yeahh I actually really liked it..." And he smiled at me

"Ash, truth or dare" Calum asked


"Go to the neighbours in your boxers and ask for a condom"

Ashton did this and he has a really nice body and V-line. We all laughed when the neighbours did gave him a condom and they said that he was a good boy to keep it safe. When he came back into the room he took his clothes back on.

"Alicia truth or dare" he asked

"Truth again" I smiled

"Would you like to have sex with all of us together?" He asked

"Really ash? I'm having a boyfriend and he sits next to me and he has ears so he can hear everything that you ask" I laughed

"Ali answer you know I would give you everything, I think that I know you would like that"

"Yeah maybe but still Calum I have you!"

"Yup I know that's true but---"

"No Calum no but, I love you so no I wont prefer to have sex with any other boy"

"I know you would like" Calum said smirking

"CALU---" I couldn't finish my sentence because Calum lifted me up and carried me to his bedroom.

"Cal what are y--" he stopped me again but this time with kissing my lips very soft.

"I love you Ali, I wanna give you what you want so please tell me, and be honest, would you like to have just one time sex with all of us?" He asked after he kissed me

"Yes I would like but you're my boyfriend and I'm not a slut"

"You aren't Ali. Sweetheart you know you aren't just let me give you that okay?"

"No Cal really I don't---"

"Stop saying that you don't want it, if you don't kiss them, don't have sex with one of them behind my back and other times just this time only and if you don't blowjob them, we can try it" he said and I smiled hugging him

"That's why I love you so much, you're so sweet Calum. You want to give me everything that I want to have... I love you so much" I said kissing him. He went to get the others and they were all smirking.

"I think it's time for your second punishment" Calum says

"What second?" I asked

"Kissing Luke 2 times and I told you not to do it" Calum smirked and they all stood there with only their boxers on. It turned me on as fuck. Calum took my hand and sat me on his lap. He took me by my hips and started moving me on his dick who was still in his pants. Ashton took of my shirt and Michael laid his arms around me fron behind and he kissed my neck. I moaned and Calum kissed me. "I..love....y...you..so" he said between kisses. Michael took me off of Calums lap and unzipped my pants. He Luke started to rub my clit and I moaned his name. Michael stood behind me and held my tits. I leaned on his body and I felt his dick becomming big. He moaned my name in my ear. He kissed my neck and I let go a moan.

"Alicia come over here" Calum said and Luke stopped rubbing and Michael stopeped kissing my neck. I walked to Calum and he pushed me on his lap again. He took my hips and moved me back and forwards again. He moaned and cummed in his boxers. Calum sat me on my hands and knees and Luke got my slip off. He started to thrust inside me and I blowjob Calum. I did handjob with Ash and Mikey at the same time. I moaned onto Calums dick and Luke took one arm so he has something to hold because he was fucking me really rough. He held onto my arm really hard and he cummed inside me. Good that I'm on the pill. Calum came a second time but this time in my mouth. Luke pulled out and Michael and Ashton pulled in in one gate and Calum in my other one. Gosh this feels so good

"FUCKK GOD" I moaned as they thrusted inside me all the same time. I gave Luke a handjob and decided to let him cum in my mouth 'cause Calum couldn't see.

"Arggh fuck" Luke moaned and cumemed into my mouth. I was about to cum to so I took Lukes hand in mine. He kissed my forehead and he did a finger in my mouth. I started sucking on it and moaned. We were all a moaning mess. The 3 boys cummed at the same time. They pulled out and stood up and so did I. Luke lifted me up and sat me on his dick.

"Ahh yes yes fuckkc yes" Luke and I moaned. I laid my arms around Lukes neck and Calum started kissing my neck and lips.

"Don't fall inlove with him again" he said and I just moaned and then he slapped my face. Not hard offcourse but just that I would answer him.

"I ahhh I wouldn't C-ca aahh Calum" I said and kissed Calum. Luke and I came on the same time and he pulled out and sat me back down. Now Calum came up to me. He lifted one of my legs up and pulled in from behind. He kissed my back and this time he was softly fucking me. He kissed now my neck. Ashton and Michael were playing with themselfs and Luke did the same. Calum pulled out before he came and told me to lay down and I did. Cal, Luke, Ash and Mikey walked up to me and still where playing with their dicks. First Michael came on my stomach, than Luke also ony stomach but a little bit higher and half on my bra, then Calum and Ashton came on the same time, also on my stomach.

"I didn't know you had piercings and tattoos Ashton said.

I cleaned myself up and so did the boys.

"Alicia we need to say, you was our first time and we really enjoyed it" Ashton said

"Aww guys I did enjoy it too but I really don't wanna loose Calum so I think if he doesn't want us to do this all together we wont do that anymore" I said

"We know. This was really fun but he's your boyfriend. BUT Calum if you want somebody to fuck her, tell us" they said laughing and so did Calum and I.

We all watched some movies and went back to sleep. Louis called that he stayed at Zayns house. I laid down next to Calum.

"Do you really think Luke fucks better then me?" He asked scared

"Cal, you know I love you and I love sex with you too! You are the one for me so shut up and cuddle with me" I said and he smiled.

I laid closer to him and his hands were around my body.

"I'll never let you go" he said and I kissed him.

"And I'll never let you go"

I laid my head on his chest and I heard his heartbeat. I fell asleep because of his heartbeat ritm.

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