When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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79. the tour news 2

Louis P.O.V

I couldn't believe my ears. Did she really said that? My mouth fell open, I saw that Alicia had tears in her eyes. Her ripped shirt, messy hair and her cheek make me angry.

"Where is he?" I asked but she didn't said anything. She knows that I was angry and that I'm getting angrier. I'm in all states, I want to be with Alicia but we can't and then that fucked up 'father and mother'. Nobody hurts Alicia. Nobody.

"Where. Is. He!!??" I yelled walking up to Alicia as I almost pushed her but that wasn't what I ment.

"Don't.... Don't hurt me...." Alicia whispered as she walked behind. I followed her and then she bumped into our father's chest. He pulled at her hair so she sits on her knees now.

"Don't you dare to hurt her!!!!" I yelled as Laura opened the door, Ashton walked in. Good that my band and the others aren't here.

"Outside!! All outside!! I'm going to talk with Alicia!!" He yelled as he smirked at her name.

"Please sir---"

"Shut up bandana boy!!" I saw Mia standing in the door gate but she was smirking too.

"GO OUTSIDE!!" My father yelled and pulled at Alicia's hair

"LET THE FUCK GO OF HER!!!!" I yelled walking over to him but then Mia pushed me aside and stood infront of me.

"LISTEN TO YOUR FATHER!!" She yelled as she grabbed my collar.

"If you don't get out of my way I wi----"

"Louis please" Alicia asked crying as Ashton ran over and Laura stood there shaking and crying. My father walked over to me.

"You're okay Ali you're okay. Get out of here now, I'll stay here go with Laura" Ashton whispered and hugged her

"GET AWAY YOU!!" Mia yelled pushing Ashton away. Alicia stood up.

"If you dare to run away I will fucking kill you"

"IF YOU WERE A MOTHER YOU WOULDN'T THINK ABOUT KILLING ME!!!! BUT GUESS WHAT!??!! YOU ARE JUST A FUCKING PSYCHOPATIC FUCKED UP WOMAN!!!" Alicia yelled and her mother slapped her. Alicia got really mad and slapped her mother in the face with her fist. She grabbed mine and Ashton's hand and we all ran away.

"I swear, we're going to the police" Ashton and Laura said

"No.. Can we stay at yours ash?" Ali asked

"Ofcourse you guys can!"

Alicia was really a mess, she had been crying all the evening, her hair is a mess, her shirt is ripped, her cheek is red and collar bone is blue. Then you have me. Lucky I almost have nothing just that I have a slip in my lip and the collar of my shirt is a bit ripped, not as much as Alicia's shirt. We walked in and Luke was the only one awake.

"Ohh hey gu--- WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS? Are you okay? Do I need to call a doctor of an ambulance? Ali why is your shirt ripped? What happened to you? Omg really thi---"

"Shh Luke..." Ashton said as he saw that Alicia got tears in her eyes. She stood next to me and grabbed my side. She hugged me and sobbed into my chest. I held her tight while Ashton and Laura tried to explain the story.

"I am calling the cops"

"N---no d-on't" Alicia said and ran upstairs. I followed her.

"Are you okay?" I asked and she nodded. We both got into the bed. She laid on her back and I sat next to her.

"Why don't you lay down?" She asked

"I can't be here... What if Calum or some other walks in?"

"Don't leave me alone Louis please..." She whispered and grabbed my hand as I wanted to get out of the bed. I smiled and laid down in the bed. Why am I so inlove with her? I can't be... I am but we never can be a couple... Alicia fell asleep and I walked away. I hope she won't be angry... I have contact with a girl from the other city and she's coming over. Here is a bed free so she stays here with me. Her name is Cindy. We aren't dating but,,, you know,,, friends with benefits...// if you don't know what I mean, a sex buddy...

•next morning•

Alicia's P.O.V

I woke up around 7 in the morning. I turned my body but Louis wasn't there. Maybe he just is going to the toilet. I sat up and after 10 minutes I got up and walked downstairs to see if he would be there but he wasn't so I walked back upstairs. I heard a noice in another room. I walked to it and laid my ear against the door. Louis and... A girl? Why did he lie to me? He said he loved me but he's fucking another girl? Okay... As sure as hell I won't fucking leave Calum for my stepbrother. I also knof for sure as hell that I'll let Calum fuck the shit out of me so Louis would defenitly hear!! I got back inside my room and took some clothes and a towel. I walked to the bathroom and I heard their moans becoming louder. That's disgusting... But who am I? I'm just his stepsister so nothing's wrong if he wanna fuck with all the girls he can. I walked in the bathroom and toon my clothes off. I locked the door and grabbed my blade. I cut my right wrist at the open spaces and I cut my stomach. I got in the shower and let the water roll over my body. The cuts hurt a bit but I didn't care. I got out of the shower and got in my clothes. My hair in another towel as I walked out of the bathroom. I still heard their moans:

"Fuck Louis ahh fuck me there right there yeahh ahh good boy! A shittt"

That was something I wouldn't prefer to hear but okay. I stood in the gang and Laura got out of the room.

"You've heard that?" She asked and I nodded.

"Hmmm come here" she said hugging me

Finally the moanings where done. Me and Laura still stood there and Louis and a girl walked out. The girl was wearing a really short skinny dress and her boobs almost fell out of it. He had really high heels on and she was really skinny. She had blonde long hair and make up? Yup there was make up on her face, wow people can be ugly, so much make up! You don't even see her natural skin collor, her lips where so red. Jezus. So When I saw them I just walked in my room.

Laura's P.O.V

Alicia is such a beautiful girl and then Louis takes such a fucking slut as a fuck buddy? Okay I don't get the life in Australia, in Belgium they does this too but still. Whe Louis saw me and Alicia his mouth fell open. Alicia rolled her eyes and got into her room. The girl left.

"Are you serious? Do you really think that you would get Alicia this way?" Louis looked down

"Why Louis? Is that girl your girlfriend or just friend with benefits or fuck buddy?" I asked

"Friends with benefits and yeah fuck buddy" he whispered looking down

"Should I go talk with her?" He asked looking at Alicia's door

"Do what you want" I said leaving

Louis P.O.V

I didn't knock on the door, I walked in and saw Alicia standing and looking out of the window. She laid her head against it.


"What you want?" She said really bot

"You" I whispered

"Hahahaha don't let me fucking laugh! You wish yeah!! Get out" she said turning around. I saw her arm full of cuts...

"Why... Why did you c----"

"Get out Louis"

"Tell me why"

"Don't care about that" she said looking back out of the window.


"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT LOUIS?? Just say it so we've got that too."

"Sorry... If I'm angry I call her...---"

"So you can have some pleasure?" She said smiling and I nodded

"Well guess what? That's when I cut the same and now get out or I'll scream"

"Look Alicia, I was so angry to see you with Calum, I was jealous because I couldn't get you. I called her over so I can work out all of the things I wanted to do with out father, I was angry Alicia don't take it that way... It just happened... I'm sorry" she didn't answer.

"Ali say something please" I almost begged her

"Sorry don't want to talk to you." She said. Okay. I'm getting angry again. I walked up to her fast, and pissed off. I turned her around and pushed her up against the wall next to the window. I pinned her arms up above her head and kissed her roughly. Calum was at the boxing club so he wouldn't see this.

"I want you Alicia. I. Fucking. Want you!" I said as her eyes got darker. From the anger or lust? I don't know but I can try it,, i thought...

"Go call your slut and fuck the hell out of her but leave me alone. Close the door when you get out, Thank you." She said trying to walk away but I hardened my grip on her wrists. I let go of her and walked to the door,I locked it.

"What are you doing??? Are you crazy???!!" She almost yelled as I throwed the key somewhere on the floor. I walked back to her.

"You won't get out" I said as she almost slapped my face

"Let go off me Louis, I'm done!"

"You aren't, I'll show you why" I whispered in her ear and against her neck. I pulled of her shirt and pants and so did I with mine. I laid her down at the bed but she was still slapping around with her arms, she didn't hit me. I took 2 bandanas and pinned her arms against the bed.

"I swear.. I'm so sorry and I'll show you that I only wanna fuck you and I only love you." I whispered and kissed every inch of her body. I pulled in without warning and she let go a soft moan. I knew she would like it. I smirked.

I showed her that I really only love her and wanted to make love with her. We got back in our clothes.

"Please Alicia... I won't do this again, I promise it" I said and she nodded.

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