When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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4. Texting/dating with Luke

Alica P.O.V

I was thinking about Luke so I decided to text him.

"Hey Luke, what'cha doinn? :) xx"

"Hey bae :) I'm bored, maybe you wanna go for a walk or something? Xx"

"I would like that :) see you in 10 mins outside? Xx"

"Okay beauty ;) xx"

I was thinking about what I could wear while Louis and his friend Niall came in. They had band practice at our house today.

Louis hugged me from behind and Niall was looking with a sad face.

Niall P.O.V

Wow she's so beautiful, I wish I could hug her from behind like Louis did. She was about changing her clothes when we came in so Louis asked if she was going on a date. She answered that she met a friend and that they go for a walk. Before Louis and I left her room I asked why she was wearing her sunglasses inside and she just looked at Louis. Louis answered because She is going out dhuhu.

Alicia P.O.V

I wear a black jeans with a Nirvana t-shirt and a black blazer with black converce shoes. Of course I can't forget my sunglasses so Luke would'nt see my black eye. I went outside and saw Luke standing there with a beautiful red rose in his hands.

Luke's P.O.V

I waited outside with a rose in my hand. I saw her coming outside and still with her sunglasses. The sun wasn't shining that hard...

"Hey" i heard her say

"Hey" i spoke back while giving her a kiss on her cheek and she blushed a little.

We start to walk to the park and I ask if she want to put of her sunglasses but she didn't want.

"Why not" I ask her

"B-be-because I-I like sunglasses" she say

"But please just for a second I wanna see your beautiful eyes"

"Nahh I don't have beautiful eyes" she say

I took of her sunglasses and saw a plaster and her black eye.

"WHAT HAPPENDED" I almost shouted

"I-I fell from the stairs, nothing special" she say

She pulled some of her hair that covered her face behind her ear with her hand and I noticed a bruise on her hand.

"From what is that bruise?" I asked

"Also from falling from the stairs" she said

I pulled her in a hug. I could feel her heart beat was racing and that makes me blush.

Alicia's P.O.V

I jus lied to him but he believed it. Before my eyes start to water he pulled me into a big hug. My heart was racing really fast and I think he could feel it because I saw he was blushing.

It was almost 6pm so we decided to walk back home. When we arrived at home he pulled me in a hug.

"Thank you" I spoke to him while I kissed his cheek

Luke's P.O.V

"No problem I love y- euh I love to hang out with you" I almost told her that I love her OH MY GOSH I think i start to blush.

"S-see you bae" was the last thing I say and then I run inside.

"Hey mate who was that babe?" Calum asked me

"She's our neighbour" I answered him

"She's hot" Michael say

Yeah she is" Ashton added

Alicia's P.O.V

I went inside and hugged Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis.

"See you later we've got to go" Harry say while coming to me and kissing my cheek

"Okay see you guys" i answered

Louis closed the door behind them.

"So" Louis started "are you dating?"

"No Louis I'm not dating" I say while getting some bread. "Are you sure?" He asked while hugging me from behind. "I think you like to hug people from behind" i say with a smile while I turn so I was facing him. It was nice to be in his arms. I really feel safe in his arms.

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