When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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14. Stalker 2 in school

Alicia's P.O.V

I woke up and I looked at my phone. I had a text from Luke.

"Goodmorning, I'll wait for you outside <3"

"You're so sweet, thank you Luke <3"

I wear my -AC⚡️DC- t-shirt and a black skinny jeans with my black all-stars. I put some eyeliner and mascara on. My lip was open in a slip and my cheek was bruised. What can I say that happened? I can't say that I fell from the stairs AGAIN. I walked to the kitchen. I didn't saw Louis yesterday and I also don't know where he is. I decided to walk upstairs and knocked on Louis' door. He didn't answer so I opened the door I saw him sleeping and walked up to him and kissed his cheek. I left the room, took my bag and walked outside. I saw Luke and walked up to him.

"Hey" I said

"H-HEEEYY what happened to your cheek?"

"I-I-I euhh I was playing with euh with the daughter o-of my fathers boss a-and she throw a-a euh a little ball to me and euh i-it was in my f-face" I answered and put a weak smile on my lips.

"B-but we need to go to school now" I said

"Hmm, why am I not believing you? Is there something else maybe?"

"Y-euh N-no I mean, there is really nothing else" I said

"Hmm" he said and walked down to the school

"Somebody on twitter write me the same as in the paper" I said, changing the subject

"Today we only have 2 classes together and thats really stupid, I don't want to lose you out of my sight" he said

"Yeah I know b-but they wont d-do anything... Right?"

"No Alicia they wont I will be there when you need me and also when something in class happens when I'm not with you just text me the number 3. Okay?"

"Why that number? But okay I will" I asked

We walked to our lockers while he said "I'll be there in a sec if you need me!" I smiled at him and got my books out of my locker. The head of the cheerleaders came to me. "You're so ugly and OH MY GOSHH look at those shoes!! Where did you get them? From a shop in history maybe?!! They're so out of collection" she said while pushing my books out of my hands. Ashton and Calum walked up to me and helped me to pick my books up. "What was her - omg what happened to your cheek???!" Calum asked "I was playing with the daughter of my fathers boss and she throw something to me" I lied. "What did that bitch said to you?" Ashton asked me. "I don't know she said something about my shoes and that I was ugly. No big deal, people talk to me much worse" I answered Ashtons question. "What class do you have now?" They both asked at the same time. "Math, and you?" "Same" they said smiling. "Come with us to class" Calum said "okay and thank you guys for helping me" "no problem you can count on us" Calum said while Ashton winked at me.

It was noon and me and my new friend, Paige walked to a table for eating our lunch while a group of boys walked up to us. One of them didn't noticed me and he throwed his coke all over me. The other guys laughed at me and I tried to ran off but one of them took my wrist. "Where are you going little ugly girl?" He smirked and now he let go of my arm and I ran to the toilet. Paige followed me. "You aren't ugly Alicia" she said and hugged me. I had tears in my eyes and took out my phone and wanted to call Luke but then that bitch from the head of the cheerleaders came in. She saw me and pushed me away "you can use some cream for your lips, they're really ugly btw" she said while leaving again. I leaned down to the wall and breaked down. Paige leaned to me and hugged me. "Come on, don't listen to them. We go back, our class starts in 3 mins" Paige said. "Yeah" I said

•skip to the end of the day•

Alicia's P.O.V

"See you after the weekend" Paige said while hugging me "see you" I answered

I got a text from an anonymous number: "come to the back of the school, ALONE!!!!"

I'm so affraid. I called Luke and he's now here with me.

"I have a plan. Go to the back of the school I'll come also but I come on another way, I'll stay behind a door and nobody will see me" Luke explained his plan

"Okay..." I said

I walked to the back of the school and saw 2 boys. I didn't know who they were. They walked to me and started to touch me. I really didn't want this and my eyes start to water. Then I looked again to the boys and I thought it were the guys who kidnapped me, they were with Michael!

"D-d-don't d-do that p-p-pleas-e"

"Come with us or we'll do something that you really don't want we do" one of them whispered in my ear.

"Don't be affraid" the other one said

I really want that Luke come now but what do I need to do? I really don't feel good and I don't feel safe. I'm so affraid.

"C'mon come with us" one of them said while he wanted tonkiss me but I moved my face and he slapped me a little in my face.

Then Luke came.


One of them slapped me hard in my face and shouted: what did we tell you!!!!!?!!!!! The other one punched Luke in his stomach.

"Please stop, I-I-I'll c-come with you" i cried

"Stop please!"

Then they stopped. They came to me and pushed me. They took us both with them. They pushed me on the bed and they put Luke on a chair worh ropes so he can't move. The boys started to remove my clothes again. They fucked me again. They filmed it again. I was crying again. I was affraid again. I was so insecure again. Luke saw everything they did and he was crying also, he was really angry. When they were ready they left the room and I put on my clothes again ans went up to Luke. He was loking to the ground. I hugged him and tried to unlock the rope. The boys came back in and they warned again if we told something they will set this video on the internet and they will kill me. We walked out of the house with tears in our eyes.

"I'm so sorry Alicia"

"It's okay"

"No it's not okay, they treated you like a dog. I'm so sorry that they did that I really can't believe. How can I let this happen? Why did I say that I'll be there for you when you need me but in real I couldn't help you because they were so strong"

"Luke it's really okay"

"No Alicia no it isn't okay! How can I fucking let this happen!!!!?"

"Luke stop it's not your fault..."

"Yes it is! It is my fault!!"

I hugged him and we came to our houses.

"Tomorrow we go to police" Luke said

"B-but we can't, the video?"

"I know but we really need to stop that, those boys are crazy!"


"So we go to police tomorrow?" he said

"Euh yeah I guess"

"At 2 in the afternoon we go, okay?" Luke asked

"Yeah okay"

"Maybe you wanna come over around 10 in the morning so we can watch a movie with the boys, only if you want to..?"

"I would love that"

"See you at 10" he said while kissing my cheek and hugging me.

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