When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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50. Sick

Alicia's P.O.V

I woke up with a huge headache, my troath was hurting and I was coughing really hard, I couldn breath through my nose and then my nose started to bleed really hard. I didn't had a tissue so I hold my nose with my hands and got out of the bed. Louis wasn't beside me. I walked to the living room and my hands were full of blood now. Louis was sitting at the table with the laptop searching a new home for us.

"Louis, do you have a tissue maybe?" I asked and he turned his head. I was still coughing and I started to shake. He got up

"Wow Alicia, here is a tissue and what's wrong with you? Are you okay? Why are you shaking? Do I need to call a doctor? Or do you wanna go to a doctor? Do I need to call an ambulance? Or do I need to go to hospital now with you? Ali why are you laughing?" He asked

"Well it's really cute that you're worried and these questions are just really sweet but also really funny" I laughed and still shaking and coughing a little

"Okay go back to bed I'm gonna call a doctor" he said

"N-no Louis it's okay, I don't need a doctor" I said but he carried me back to bed

"Stay in here I'll call a doctor and I bring you breakfast"

"No I'm not hungry"

"You need to eat"

"No really if I'm going to eat I'll throw it back up"

"Okay then but still I'm going to call a doctor" he said and feeling on my head

"You have a fever" he said and kissed my forehead. He then left the room.

Louis' P.O.V

Alicia came in with a really hard bleeding nose and she was coughing. She started shaking. After our talk I carried her back to bed and called a doctor. He is coming with 30 minutes. I walked back to the room with a glass of juice and gave it to Alicia. She drank a little and started to throw up at the floor. I cleaned it and then the doorbell rang. I opened the door and the doctor started to look at Alicia. He took her bodytemperature, blood pressure, heart beat and he asked to her symptoms.

"Headache, coughing, my troath is hurting" she said

"You throwed up, you were shaking and your nose was bleeding hard" I added to her

"Did she ate before throwing up?" The doctor asked

"No she only drank some juice that's all" I answered

"Can you please stand up?" The doctor asked and Alicia got up and she started shaking again

"You need to eat something, I'm gonna take some blood because your nose was bleeding. Maybe your blood is too hard running because of a bloodclunt." He said and took a needle and took some blood.

"I'll send this right now to the labo and I'll call you if I know the resultats" he said and writed down a paper for her with medication she need to take and then he left the house.

After 2 hours the doctor called and we need to go to the hospital. She needs to go under a scanner to see whats wrong 'cause something in her blood is bad.

"Ali, we need to go to the hospital"

"No we don't I'm okay"

"We need to from the doctor, he called. Something is bad with your blood that's why you need to go under a scanner" I said and I helped her to get some confy clothes.

After 10 minutes driving we entered the hospital and Alicia still was shaking. She signed in and the doctor called us.

"Miss Tomlinson you can enter"

She stood up waiting for me to go with her.

"Come with me please" she asked and I stood up as well.

After the scan they told us that there's something wrong in her veins. She needs to stay the night and she needs to get special medication. The doctors don't exacly know what it was but they are worried and so am I.

Alicia's P.O.V

I was lying in bed while the doctors and Louis came in. They had a worried face expression.

"You need to stay the night. We don't exacly know the reason of your weakness and your bad feelings. We only know that something in your veins is wrong but what exactly we can't say. We'll give you special medication and tomorrow morning we take again your blood to see if it's still the same. If it is we are going to have a big searching trough your hole body." The doctor said and left the room and I closed my eyes.

"Well I bet I'd better go, you need to sleep and and the visit hours are almost over"

"No stay" I whispered and opened my eyes to see him standing in the door gate

"Please stay" I begged and he smiled and came back to me and sat beside my bed

"Thank you" I smiled and he took my hand in his

"Lou... Can you hand my phone please?" I asked and he gave me my phone

I had 3 missed calls from Ash 2 from Mikey and 12 from Cal and 1 from Luke. I had 6 texts from Cal 2 from Ash and also 2 from Mikey and again just 1 from Luke.

"Ali are you okay?"

"Where are you?"

"Please answer your phone"

"Are you angry?"

"Is there something wrong?"



"Please babe answer me we're getting really worried"

"Answer please"

The texts wrote

"Hey guys, no I'm okay just had some problems with my health I'm in hospital now but it's all okay! Sorry for not answering my phone :/ loveyouall! x"

I texted to them all, also to Luke...was that a good idea? I got a text back. From.... Luke....

"Are you okay? What happened? I'lll come over tomorrow! Hope we're still friends :/ (xx)" his text said

"Yeah I think I am. I'll explain everything tomorrow and thank you! Yes we are ofcourse Luke! xx" I texted back

The second message was from Calum:

"Hey sweetheart! What happened? Do I need to come over now? I really hope it's nothing bad :/ Iloveyou! <3;*"

"Hey Cal, no you don't need to come over now bae. I'll explain another time. iloveyou too! <3;*"

The third was Michael

"Hey Ali!! Get the hell better! We come and visit you tomorrow! Explain than what happened? XXX" he texted

"Hey Mike!! I will ;) okay see you tomorrow:) xxx"

The laat text was Ashtons

"Hey gurl, tomorrow I'll see you! Hope it's nothing worse and bad :( xx"

"Hi :) okay see you tomorrow and I hope the same xx

I laid my phone back and felt asleep I heard Louis saying some things and then he kissed my forehead. He still is holding my hand and laid his head on the hospital bed.

"Good night sis" I heard him whispering

Louis P.O.V

I texted the boys that I didn't go to band practice tomorrow and that I'll explain it later. I really hope Alicia gets better soon 'cause you see that there is something wrong but we don't know what even the doctors don't. What could it be? She is still so young..and pretty...and beautiful.....and sweet....funny....she's all that a boy needs, she's perfect...

Alicia felt asleep and I whispered: "I love you Sister please get better soon" I kissed her forehead and said good night. I took her hand back in mine and I felt asleep too.

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