When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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19. School again

Alicia's P.O.V

I woke up and Louis laid next to me. It was 6 so I stood up because of school. I showered and took some clothes. I was wearing a black jeans, a black top with my blazer and some of my all stars. I walked back to my room to get my bag and Louis was still sleeping. I kissed his cheek and took my bag. I walked downstairs and wanted to leave the house but Eric hit me in my face with his fist and hit me on my collar bone. I started to run out of the house with tears in my eyes.

"Alicia...Alicia!" I heard a voice screaming, it was Michael

I walked over the street and didn't saw that car.

"ALICIAAAAAAAAAAHH LOOK OUT!!!!" I heard him scream and looked at the road. There was a car but I didn't get the chance to get out of the way because Michael pushed me of the road. He laid om top of me in the bushes.

"You really need to look out, y'know" he said with a smirk and while his head was coming closer to mine.

I really liked him but I don't know if I wanted this. He was about kissing me so what can I do? I like him but I don't want to ruin our kind of friends relationship.

He kissed me. There wasn't really fireworks but I liked it, I liked his lips on mine.

We stood up and walked to school.

"Euhm, a-about that kiss... It didn't ment anything..." I said

"I know..." Michael said

We hugged each other and walked to our class togheter because we had the first 2 classes togheter. I sat beside him.


"Who we have there" a girly voice said

"The bitchy witchy" another ine said

They started to push me and tried to put of my blazer. I ran to the playground and just sat there all alone. I saw a boy running towards me. It was Luke.

"Hey what happened?"

"Nothing just... Can you please leave me alone for this moment I- I need to think about some things you know..." I said while tears were coming up in my eyes.

"Euh okay then but please if there's something wrong, please tell me okay? He asked

"Okay" I said while I hugged him.

I started to think about going back to my homeland, Belgium. I really miss my friends and I miss the wat it was before. I wanted to run away from here, from this planet. I wanna run away from my problems and never come back... And I think Australia is my problem. Everything changed when I moved here. I don't want to be abused by my stepfather. I want my old friends back. I want the old me back. I was always affraid of coming around in the society and had panic attacks because of something stupid but when I went here everything became mire and more difficult and it was disaster. I took my bag and walked down the hallway to my next class.

"Hey babe wanna come over?" A voice said that I didn't know so I looked at him and he just stood there laughing.

I started to get tears in my eyes and started to walk faster.

He followed me and pushed me. I cried even harder.

"I don't wanna live anymore it's enough" I whispered but I think Paige heard that. I ran towards the hallway and Paige grip on my arm.

"Don't say that anymore!" She shouted and some people stared at us.

"Why not?! Everybody fucking hates me!!!! Tell me, what did I do wrong?!?" I asked and shouted. Everybody starts to whisper things. My knees started to get week and I just breaked down, in the middle of the hallway, where everybody could see. Paige kneeled down to me.

"Please Alicia, you didn't do anything wrong they're just trying to get you down."

"And they did, applause" I said

"Alicia, calm down please. You're beautiful just the way you are! You're perfect!"

"I wanna go back to my land and I will..." I said

Some people were filming this and Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton stood there. They didn't know what to do. They run to me and asked what was wrong. I just walked away to the girls bathroom.

Luke's P.O.V

"What's going on????" We asked Paige

"She gets bullied, and it's getting worse day by day..." She said looking down to the ground

"Sometimes they push her and they make her cry her eyes out, I don't know anymore what I can do..." She said

"But what happened now?" Calum asked

"Well... Some boys and a girl make fun of her and they were laughing with her..."

"She said..."

"She said whatttt!!!?" Calum asked shouted

"S-she said that she doesn't want to live anymore and that it's enough..." She said while she got tears in her eyes.

"What more??" Michael asked

"Well she breaks down and people filmed that... And... S-she wants t-to go back to h-her land..."

"Were is that..?" Ashton asked

"Belgium..." I answered

"It's on the other side of the planet!" Paige shouted

"We need to go find her, Paige go to the girl bathroom. I saw her running to there bur maybe she's outside si I go looking there too" I said

I saw a girl sitting on a bench, crying her eyes out, it was Alicia.

"Alicia... Don't go back to Belgium..."

"I don't wanna be here anymore... Everything got worse and I just wanna go back to my old live, no problems nothing... I wanna see my friends and my 3 real brothers..." She said and stood up next to me

"I know but I, we can't really live without you, we've got to chance to know you and you are perfect on the inside and on the outside. You are a really sweet and lovly girl with a heart of gold so don't leave us here all alone. The bullies just try to get you down because they are jealous on you." I said

She didn't say anything, she just stood up and hugged me and whispered me a thank you.

We walked back in and got to our classes.


"Did you saw Alicia?" I asked

"Yeah she took another way back to home" Calum said

"Oh okay"

We were at home and I couldn't stop thinking. My mjnd stay repeading the words: She wants to go back to Belgium.

I laid down in my bed and closed my eyes.

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