When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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41. Party

Alicia's P.O.V

I took a shower and I'm getting ready. I'm wearing a short black dress with my black heels. I straighten my hair and done my make up with some foundation, mascara and eyeliner.

"Alicia are you ready?" Calum asked

"Are you almost ready babe?" Luke asked and I walked out of the bathroom.

"Weejohh wow Alicia you look hot!" Calum shouted and I laughed

"Wow sis you look really good" Louis said hugging me

"Thank you" I smiled

"You look awesome!! The other boys shouted in symphony.

"Hahahahaha guys thank you" I laughed

We drove to Zayn's house because the boys were there and after we drove to the party it was around 20 minutes driving. We enter the party and the first person I saw was my ex-boyfriend... Alex... On another party he was also and that anded not that good... I took Lukes hand really fast in mine. But then I look up and I saw it was Calum.

"Hey are you okay?" He asked

"Yes sorry for that" I said to Calum and let his hand go.

"Are you sure?" He asked

"Yea just you know Alex right? He's here and I don't want him to fuck up this party again" I said and he laid his arm on my shoulder.

"You know I'm here so if he tries something I'll beat his ass up!" Calum said

"Hey Cal get your hands off!" Luke shouted pushing me to him

"Hey Luke it's okay I didn't meant to do that" Calum said

"Yeah teah fine whatever go away!" Luke shouted and Calum wanted to left but I took his hand.

"No don't leave Calum" I said and Luke looked confused

"What tha fackk????" Luke said

"Let me explain why Calum laid his arm around me. Look over at that corner, it's Alex. When we enter the party I tought you were walking next to me so I took your hand in mine but then I looked up and it was Calum and I explained that Also to him so we saw Alex looking and he wanted to come over here and Calum laid his arm around me and whispered in my ear so Luke really it wasn't something we just didn't wan't that Alex was coming up to us" I explained

"Oh my God Calpal I'm so sorry I didn't know that really sorry" Luke said hugging us

"It's okay really" Calum said smiling and Luke kissed my cheek

"Now I know that she's safe with you I'm gonna take 10 wodkas" Luke said smiling and Harry and Niall walked with Luke for helping him to get our drinks.

Before I knew it somebody's hands were laid around my waist. I turned around and slap him in his face. Calum was next to me and he whispered-shouted some things in Alex' ear and then he left.

"You are not going somewhere without me or any of us really he's such a bad ass and I don't trust him" Calum said in my ear

"What did Alex say to you that you don't trust him?" I asked

"I don't know just something in me tells me to not go alone somewhere because he has something in his mind" Calum said and he pushed me in front of him so nobody can lay their hands on me again.

Luke came back and we all did a shot. After 7 shots we were a little bit drunk so we decided to go on hotel but Zayn, Liam, Harry, Niall and Louis decided to go home with their car. We left the party and I hugged Louis goodbye but he kissed me on my mouth, good that nobody saw this. He told me to text him and that he'll come for us tomorrow around 11 in the morning. Luke, Michael and Ashton were walking more in front of me and Calum. We walked really slow and then I heard somebody yelling my name. It was Alex and he was drunk. I was affraid because Luke, Ashton and Michael were gone and Calum? Where's Calum? Shit. "CALUM...CALUM WHERE ARE YOU???" I shouted and started to run.

"Wait Alicia please" Alex said and he took grip on my arm.

"Please let go of my arm...what do I need to do so you will let me go" I asked and I was really affraid because he always hurt me and hit me when he's drunk

"Kiss me" he said and I just wanted to turn but his grip got harder.

"Aww! You're hurting me!" I shouted and then I saw Calum who was running up to me. He hit Alex right in his face and he let go of me and then calum took my arm.

"You guys aren't together so get go of of!" Alex shouted and with that I took Calum's face and kissed him, deeply. Why am I doing this? Why? We both opened our mouths and we were all into this moment.

"Yeah yeah, whatever" Alex said and left

"Omg sorry Calum I didn't meant to do this I just fucking hate that guy" I said and Calum only nodded and hugged me. We walked to the hotel in silence, not an akward one but a good one.

We entered the hotelroom and we saw the guys sleeping and we fell asleep too.

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