When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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55. next day

Calums P.O.V

I woke up with Alicia on my chest. My arms were wrapped around her body. "I love you" I whispered and she smiled and kissed my chest.

"I love you too" she whispered as I kissed her forehead.

"BREAKFAST GUYS!!!" I heard Ashton shouting from downstairs. Alicia and me got up. She was only wearing her bra and a short shorts. She took a crop top out of her garderobe. I just had my boxers on so I decided ti take a pants and put it on. We both walked downstairs with our fingers interwined.

"Goodmorning" we both said as the guys answered us.

"How're yaa feelinn?" Michael asked Alicia smirking

"Pretty good I guess" she laughed.

She wanted to sit down but before she sat on the chair she got op again and said "Ahhw"

"You okay?" I asked and she nodded. Michael and the others were smirking. I gave them a death glare

"I guess I'm just taking a pillow" Alicia said smiling as she went to her room to take a pillow.

"Guys serious" I said as they laughed

"We did our jobs great" Ashton and Michael laughed

"Guys really, she isn't a sex toy" Luke said

"Indeed" I added

"Welllll I think she did like it" Michael laughed and Alicia came back and sat down on the chair with a pillow under her butt

"Did you liked it yesterday?" Michael asked and Ashton and Luke tried to hold back their laughter and so did I.

"Well we were pretty good don't you think?" Luke smirked

Alicia stood up walking upstairs and Luke behind her.

"Don't do anything!" I shouted behind them

Lukes P.O.V

I followed Alicia upstairs. This was my chance to talk to her in private. Yesterday Calum told us our rules for when we had sex together:

1) no blowjob

2) no fuck behind my back

3) she's mine

4) if she doesn't want something don't push her to do

5) no kisses

6) don't steal her away from me

7) don't fall inlove with her

8) don't cum in her mouth

9) if she don't want to have sex all together we don't have sex

10) if she says no it's no

11) when we all together have sex, i think it only is happening once, she holds her bra on

These where his rules but Alicia wanted me to cum in her mouth so I did and Calum didn't notice that.

"Hey are you okay?" I asked and she nodded

"Whats wrong?" I asked

"Nothing just tired"

"Ali I know you a little better then that. Tell me what is going on" I said walking closer to her and she didn't said anything. She was looking out of the window. I still walked closer to her and when I reached her I laid my arms around her waist and she moaned a little because she didn't expect me to do that.

"Luke" she said



"What?" I asked and kissed her neck

"Don't do that p---oh please Luke stop" she said and got out of my grip.

"I want you back Alicia. I loved you and I still do"

"Luke, I do love you too but just as a friend you know" she said and I looked down and turned back to look out of the window.

Alicia's P.O.V

I was looking out of my window and Luke came in. He asked what was wrong but I didn't told him. I was thinking about my father again. He had epilepsy too. Luke wrapped his arms around me but I told him not to and got out of his grip. He told me that he still loved me and I answered that I also loved him but just as a friend. I love Calum and he's everything a girl needs. I walked a little backwards and Luke was now looking out of my window. I didn't know what to say or to do so I ran up to him and hugged him from behind.

"You're so much better as a friend then as a boyfriend Luke" I said and he turned around to hug me and he only smiled.

"Come we're going back downstairs" he said and I followed him.

"What did you guys do?" Calum asked

"We where talking about my father"

"Why?" Ashton asked

"Because I miss him really much" I said and I didn't lie but that wasn't where we really talked about.

"Ali babe I need to ask you something" Calum said as he stood up and leaded me outside.

"Huh? About What Cal?" I asked

"I saw your body. Almost everywhere I looked were cuts...." He said and I started to tear up but I hold them back

"Why? Why again Alicia? You told me that you didn't..."

"I'm so sorry Calum I just can't deal with pain" I interupted Him

"I'm here for you babe really" he said and he hugged me.



"Do you want to come and look to my box championship tomorrow night?" He asked

"I would love to" I said and kissed his cheek

"But why were you so afraid of losing me if you would've told me?" I asked

"Because... I had my best friend, Sarah.... I told her and she never spoke to me again"

"Cal you know I'm not the same as them so don't keep these secrets anymore" I smiled and kissed him.

He laid his arms around my waist and my arms found their way to his neck. He licked my buttomlip for enterance and offcourse I gave him. Our tongues where fighting for dominance and he won. He lifted me up while we were kissing and I moaned in his mouth. "I" kiss "love" kiss kiss kiss "y---" kiss "you" he said in between kissed and so did I told him that I loved him too. My legs where around his body. After like 5 minutes he sat me back to the ground and hugged me.

"You're my everything Ali, I would die for you" he whispered and I smiled into his chest

"Don't....don't ever leave me...." He said now looking into my eyes

"I won't" I smiled and kissed him.

"BUY A ROOMMMM" Michael yelled from behind us and Calum and I stopped kissing and looked up at Michael.

"You are such a cute couple" he said smiling as we with our three walked back inside.

We where playing fifa.

"HEHEEEYY" Louis shouted trough the house running up to us and hugged us all.

"I have good news" he said as we all looked up.

"I talked with my manager about the tour from me and the guys. We need a foreprogram and wr want you guys to be that! So you decide and let me know on time and then you can sign the papers" Louis said very happy and I looked down

"Ali" he said as I looked up again

"YOU ARE COMING WITH USSSSSS" he yelled hugging me and I smiled. Gosh thats good 'cause I can't live here on my own.

"How long is the tour?" Ashton asked

"7 months" Louis said

"What do you think?"

"We're doing it!!" They all yelled

We all were talking about the tour and then we looked a movie. --mean girls-- Lukes favourite. Ashton and Michael laid down on the counch and so did Luke. I sat between Calums legs and with my legs over Louis' legs. After the movie it was almost dinner time and Louis made us some spagetti. He cooks really good and his spagetthi is always so delicious. After eating and washing the dirty things, I decided to clean the house a little. Around nine in the evening Louis spoke up:

"It's getting late. We better go home" I nodded in agreement. We gave the guys a hug and I kissed Calum and we said good night. Louis and I were walking down the street and I said: "brrrr it's cold" Louis held his around me to warm me up a bit and it worked.

"Thank you Lou" I said smiling and he smiled too

"I still am inlove with tou Alicia" he said and my jaw dropped. Euh what can I say?

"Lou... I have a boyfriend and you know that, you're still my stepbroter" I said as we entered our new house. I walked to our room. We have both apart beds but in the same room.

"I know Ali" he said and stopped me by holding my wrist.

"Loui----" I couldn't finish because he kissed me. I back off

"Sorry Alicia I just really needed to do this"

He said and I just smiled and undressed myself and so did Louis. I was still thinking about the kiss and I laid down in bed


"Hmm" I answered smiling

"I can't sleep"

"Neither do I" I said getting out of the bed and walked to Louis and get into his bed. We didn't cuddle we just were talking about crazy things, we were making jokes. We stood up and took a bottle of Wodka and drank it empty. We were both a bit drunk but we still knew what we were doong. We laid down again and still were making jokes until we both fell asleep.

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