When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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47. Luke not again! part 2

Alicia's P.O.V

Where could I go to?

I walked away from the party until I heard somebody shouting my name. It was Luke. I turned around and he ran up to me and hugged me but I didn't hug him back.

"Don't leave me" he shouted and let go of the hug. I just stood there looking down

"You're the one who kissed another boy in front of me!!!" He shouted angry and lifted my chin up wirh his finger.

"Get off" I say and pull his hand away

"Yeah so you can go to Calum and kiss him AGAIN IN FRONT OF ME!!!" He shouted and clenched his fists

"Luke I love you but I couldn't hold it anymore I didn't want to believe Calum about that other 2 times but now I saw it with my eyes. You almost kissed that girl... That's whybI kissed Calum.... maybe you better...go back to her..." I said and he slapped me in my face and I cried harder

"I love you Luke....don't forget that..." I said and turned around and walked away. I heard Luke crying to and I looked behind me. I saw him looking at me and the boys ran over to Luke. I walked to the right into a street so they don't see me anymore. Iheard them screaming and shouting my name but I just stay walking. I laid my back to a wall and broke down to the pavement. I held my head in my hands still crying. --why always me-- I whispered --dad please come back-- I whispered. My breath got heavier and it was difficult to breath. A pannic attack again and I don't have my medication.

I heard footsteps coming. I can't see who it was so I lead my head on my knees trying to get more oxygen.

"Are you okay?" A voice said and I looked up again but my sight is bad because of the tears. It was Luke.

"I'm so sorry" he said but I stood up and walked away still trying to get my breath better.

"Alicia please! I didn't kiss her but you did with Calum!!" He shouted and walking after me.

"Alicia wait!!" He shouted but I just stay walking.

He took me by my wrist and turned me around. I saw that girl behind him too.

"Let me go Luke..." I said crying

"No I won't!!!!!!!!" He shouted and hardened his grip.

"AWE!!! You know, you're really good at hurting me!" I shouted. My cheek was red and burning. Not much after, the others came.

"I'm so fucking done with you Luke let me go!" I shouted but he almost hit me again. If Michael didn't took his other arm Luke hit me....again...

"I need to talk with you...." that girl said

"It's my fault really, I took his arm when he came from the toilet because Asht--- euh because I really like him and I wanted to talk with him. If I knew he had a girlfriend I wouldn't even try to just talk with him.... I'm sorry..." She said

"What you wanted to say before the -euh- part?" I asked confused because I tought she would say something about Ashton

"Oh euh that euh nothing important" she said and looked at Ashton

"Ashton do you need to say something???" I asked

"N-no euh..." He said

"Let it go... I really tought that I could trust you guys but now I know you never were honest with me" I said and tried to walk away again but because of Lukes grip on my wrist it didn't work that good so I still stood there crying

"Tell me the truth Ashton..." I said almost begging

"Okay look... I don't know if I can say this but..." He said looking at Calum who nodded and looked down and his cheeks got red

"Calum liked that kiss and I... I tried to get Luke away so Calum could talk with you and this girl helped me... I'm sorry..." Ashton explained

"Wait WHAT??!!! There was another kiss before!!!???!!!" Luke shouted at me

"Be happy that she kissed me or she didn't even stand here anymore because of Alex!!!! If you were there she wouldn't even think about fucking kiss me Luke!!!" Calum shouted back

"Why didn't you tell me about that kiss with him before?" Luke asked

"Luke can you euh please let go of my wrist you're hurting me..." I said and I heard a boy shouting my name. It were 3 strangers with masks. The other girl, Michael and Ashton run away.

"ALICIA COME HERE NOW!!!!!" One of them said

"No?" I said almost asking

"HERE NOW!!!!" He said and they came closer. One of them took a knife out of his pants and sat it on Lukes neck and the other did this with Calum

"Are you coming now!" The other said

"Take off the knifes then I come..." I said looking at Luke and Calum.

They toof of their knifes and started to shout again.

"On the ground!!" One said so we did and they came over to us and they put away their knifes. They told us to get up and one of them hit Luke in his face. I walked up to him and pished him away from Luke but he took grip on my arms. "STOP IT YOU SON OF A BITCH!!" I shouted at the man who has hit Luke.

"You said WHAT?!!!" He shouted

"Son of a bitch fucking asshole let them and me go or I'll call the cops!" I shouted in his face.

One of the others pulled me down to the ground and Calum and Luke hit the ine who was looking. That man just laid there in pain. They ran over to the man who held me on my arms and they did the same. The other man ran away and Luke called the cops. They took these two their masks off and one of them was a good friend of my stepfather Eric....

The cops drove Luke, Calum and me back to our home.

"Sorry Alicia I understand why you're angry at me but really kissing Calum????" He said

"If Calum wasn't there...I didn't stood here anymore....if you were there nothing happened but you left me all on my own and you knew as well that Alex was there..." I said and Calum maked off my sentence: "you don't need to be angry at her, if Alex wasn't on that party we would have never kissed" he said and Luke nodded and hugged me. I don't know if I should hug him back... I decided to hug him back. I kissed his cheek and hugged Calum. And told them I was tired and went to bed.

I start to think about everything. About everything that Luke did to me and about my parents who died... About Gucci, my horse. Also about wanting to die... I took a razor and slit my stomach and my upper legs... They where bleeding really hard but I didn't care anymore.... Since the day I'm in Sydney everything bad happends to me... I miss Louis' arms around me, he comes back tomorrow morning. I took a paper and started to write this down:

I know that sometimes life gets rough but thats never a reason to give up

Keep your heart up in the clouds never let people dragg you down

I have learn to chase my dreams

I know that if I don't they will get away on me

So I do what I love to do

And that's enough to keep my heart alive in a place that keeps me struggling to survive.

Why do I love 2 boys? I need to make a choise with who I am inlove with... I still was crying and laid my book on my bed and went to the bathroom to clean my wounds on my stomach and legs.

Lukes P.O.V

Alicia went upstairs and me and Calum were talking. Between us everything is fine again. We both said sorry to each other and we both went upstairs to excuse us for our behaviour to Alicia. Her door was open and we walked in. We saw a book on her bed with a text:

I know that sometimes live geta rough but thats never a reason to give up

Keep your heart up in the clouds never let people dragg you down

I have learn to chase my dreams

I know that if I don't they will get away on me

So I do what I love to do

And thats enough to keep my heart alive in a place that keeps me struggling to survive.

"It's beautiful" I said and Calum nodded.

We walked to the bathroom but the door swung open and alicia came out. It looked like she had been crying.

She saw us and hugged us both at the same time.

"Sorry guys really sorry" she said almost crying

"It's okay" me and Calum said

"Do you guys wanna euhm maybe sleep with euh me please...?" She asked and me and Calum looked at each other and we both nodded. She let go of the hug and we walked to her room.

"You wrote this?" Calum asked pointing at her book

"Euh Y-yes..." She said looking down a little bit ashamed

"Whe are you a shamed?" I asked

"It's bad" she said

"No it's not" Calum and me said that made us all laugh

"Alicia?" I asked and she looked up

"Can you finish this and let us read it when it's done?" I asked and she nodded smiling

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