When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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46. Luke not again! part 1

Alicia's P.O.V

I really didn't want to see Calum and Luke like this so I told them to get ready for a party. I called Louis to ask if he comes back here today but he didn't because they have a concert tomorrow. I walked downstairs to tell Michael and Ashton to get ready for the party. I took a quick shower and I was wearing a black skinny jeans, an Iron Maiden shirt with a blazer and my black vans. After that I staighten my hair and put some eyeliner and mascara on. I walked back downstairs and I saw Calum sitting in the sofa. He was wearing a black ripped skinny jeans, a Green Day shirt, a black beanie and his black vans. I sat beside him and we talked a little. Then Ashton came downstairs. He was wearing a bandanna, a white shirt, a black skinny jeans and black shoes. He also came sit next to us and talked with us. Then Luke and Michael came down. Luke was wearing a black Nirvana shirt, a black skinny jeans and some black shoes. Michael was wearing a white shirt with his black jacket over it, a black skinny jeans and also black shoes.

We walked down the street to a club. Lukes hand was in mine but my tought were with Calum. Wr entered the party and I stood next to Luke. His arm was around my waist. Calum looked at us and I smiled at him but he looked away.

"You wanna dance?" Luke asked and I nodded. We walked to the dance floor and started to dance.

Ashton's P.O.V

"You love her, right mate?" I said to Calum who was staring at Alicia and Luke dancing.

"Yes... I am..." He said still looking

"That kiss... It was so... So perfect... There were sparkles and fireworks..." Calum said

"Maybe you need to talk about it with her.. It's still her discision if she stays with Luke..." I said

"I know she'll stay with luke... He's her boyfriend and I'm just... Just her best friend" Calum said looking down again

"Calum come we're going to dance" I said trying to get him away from his toughts

"N-no I don't want to see them being happy" he answered me

"I'll help you mate but Luke is still her boyfriend" I answeredand walking tibthe dance floor with Calum and Michael behind me

We walked to Luke and Alicia.

"Lay your arms around Alicia's waist from behind and move like she does. We'll see if she pushes you away or Luke. After that I'll try to get Luke away so you can talk with Alicia" I said to Calum and he nodded

He laid his arms around her from behind and she laughed but Luke got jealous and pulled Alicia to him and away of Calum.

"Luke can you come for a minute with me please?" I asked and he came with me but he gave Calum a dead glare and Calum put his hands in the air. Michael came with us too.

Alicia's P.O.V

Calum laid his arms around me from behind and that made me smile, but Luke pulled me closer to himself and away from Calum. Ashton took Luke and Michael with him but Calum and me stayed dancing. Calum laid his arms around my waist again and hugged me.

"Can we talk about something...?" He asked

"Yeah" I said and followed him outside.

We sat down on a low wall.

"Do you love Luke with all of your heart?" He asked looking right in my eyes. His eyes were so dark and I saw him begging to say no.

"Well...euh...y-yeah I do love him" I said and looking down.

"Euh come back inside I euh love that song" I said and jumped of that wall and so did he. I took his hand and walked back inside back to the dance floor.

Not much after we entered the party again, the others came back but Luke didn't. Ashton winked at Calum.

"Where's Luke?" I asked

"We went to the toilet and now he's talking with a fan" Ash answered and I nodded and my eyes were searching for him and then my eyes felt on him. He was really close with that girl over there. She laid her arms around MY boyfriend. I was afraid... What if he laid his arms around her waist? He didn't but I just stood there with tears in my eyes. The boys look at me and then over there where I was looking at. They saw it and Calum clenched his fists and walked up to him. His face was red. Luke pushed the girl's arm off of him but they still stood there so close and laughing together till Calum hit Luke right at his eye. Michael laid his arms around me and hugged me tight. My eyes started to water and I cried into his chest.

Calums P.O.V

I walked over to Luke who promised me that he wouldn't do this again. This was the girl he talked to and almost kissed at the other party's. I hit Luke at his eye and the girl asked: "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!" "Hitting the boyfriend of that girlfriend over there!!!!" Luke looked at Alicia and she was crying in Michaels chest and Ashton stood there rubbing her back."WHY THE FUCK CAN'T YOU JUST HOLD YOUR STUPID PROMISES!!!!" I shouted at Luke who stood there with his mouth open. "THIS IS THE FUCKING SECOND TIME THAT YOU ALMOST KISSED A GIRL THAT REALLY DON'T LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE BUT BECAUSE YOU'RE FAMOUS AND BECAUSE OF YOUR MONEY LUKE!!!! THE ONLY GIRL WHO TRULY LOVE OR BETTER SAY LOVED YOU STANDS THERE IN THE ARMS OF MICHAEL AND ASHTON CRYING BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!" I shouted and almost hit him again. Luke was again drunk.

I saw Alicia walking up to me. She was still crying and angry. She looked Luke right in his eyes.

"How could you..." She said and I looked at her.

She looked at me and cupped my face in her hands and kissed me. I could feel the tears rolling down her cheek. Luke pulled Alicia away from me and took her to the toilets. I followed him but he closed the door and Alicia was with him.

"Stop Luke! I know enough! You're fucking drunk and you never ever loved me like I loved you but yeah you know...i-it's over...go back to your slut in the corner and let me go please" Alicia begged

"Alicia I really love you and I'll not let you out until I make it up again" Luke almost shouted and I heard Alicia crying

"Luke stop please enough is enough!" I shouted but he ignored

"Luke I really love you but...I can't... My toughts say you but my heart doesn't...anymore..." Alicia said crying harder at the last part.

Luke's P.O.V

I was again drunk and again almost kissed that other girl but Alicia fucking kissed Calum in front of me!!! How could she!! I took her with me to one of the toilets.

"I'll make it up to you!" I shouted

"You can't Luke...just let me go....please...." She begged crying

I crashed my lips on hers. I kissed her softly. She kissed me back. Good sign, or not? I think it is. I laid my arms around her waist. I opened my mouth and so did she. She love me, I know it. I let her go and sat on my knee.

"Please Alicia forgive me...." I said

"I-I don't know Luke please let me go now... I need to figure some things out" she said and I let her go.

Calum, Michael and Ashton stood there when she opened the door. She ran out of it and I saw that she crashed into Justin Biebers chest. He laid his arms around her and she tried to get away and then he let her go. Calum was shouting at me and so did Ashton and Michael.

Alicia's P.O.V

Luke almost kissed that girl so I kissed Calum in front of Luke. Enough is enough. After all the drama in the toilets I ran away.

Where can I go to?

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